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November 2004

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FAI/IGC Gliding Weeks 2005 :

A Contribution to FAI Centenary

The International Gliding Commission (IGC) recently announced the manner in which they will contribute to the celebrations of the FAI 100th anniversary in 2005.

During 2005, the year of FAI Centenary celebration, the IGC will ask all glider pilots around the world to track their kilometers flown during a specific two week period in each hemisphere. Pilots will be invited to submit their flights via a link on the IGC website; this link will be provided in January 2005. All flights will be tracked with the support of the On Line Contest (OLC), the highly successful world on-line gliding competition. The total number of kilometers flown in honor of the FAI Centenary will be tallied and reported in October 2005, at the official celebration of the FAI Centenary in Paris, France.

  • The Southern Hemisphere period for the submission of flights will be January 29 – February 13, 2005.
  • The Northern hemisphere period for submission of flights will be June 25 – July 10, 2005.

FAI Centenary diplomas will be awarded to the pilots from each hemisphere who have made the longest flight in any of the FAI classes of gliders, Open, 18 Meter, 15 Meter, Standard, Club, Ultralight and World Class.

For further information, please contact

IGC 1st Vice President Eric MOZER or consult the IGC website, where additional information will be published soon.

E-mail: [email protected]