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 Air Force Medical Service (AFMS)     Updated
The Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) works in close coordination with the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, the major air command surgeons, the Departments of the Army, Navy and other government agencies to deliver medical service for more than 2.63 million eligible beneficiaries. Beneficiaries include active duty, family members and retirees, during both peacetime and wartime. The AFMS consists of approximately 40,000 officers, enlisted and civilian personnel, plus an additional 20,000 members assigned to the Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard. The AFMS has an annual budget of approximately $6.9 billion and runs 75 military treatment facilities, including 24 hospitals and medical centers.

AFMS Vision: Provide quality, world-class healthcare and health service support to eligible beneficiaries anywhere in the world at anytime.

AFMS Mission: The AFMS provides seamless health service support to the USAF and combatant commanders. The AFMS assists in sustaining the performance, health and fitness of every Airman. It promotes and advocates for optimizing human performance (sustainment and enhancement) for the warfighters, including the optimal integration of human capabilities with systems. The AFMS operates and manages a worldwide healthcare system capable of responding to a full spectrum of anticipated health requirements and provides an integrated healthcare system from forward deployed locations through definitive care with an emphasis on prevention of illness and injury. It arranges for healthcare capabilities that it does not possess organically. It directly supports USAF operations and theater aeromedical evacuation (AE) of joint and combined forces.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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 Air Serv International     Updated
Air Serv International, with a home office based in Warrenton, Virginia, is a non-profit organization providing aviation services to the international humanitarian community and direct aid during the most desperate crisis situations in the world. Air Serv International is a humanitarian organization that excels in transportation and communication links. Growing out of the early mission focus area on the African continent, Air Serv International soon expanded to include flight services in Central America, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Indonesia and Africa. Its primary objective is to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective air transport to humanitarian agencies involved in relief and development - and to immediately respond to and operate in difficult and dangerous environments. Our operations are often focused on providing access to remote or transport-deficient areas within each country.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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 Airline Ambassadors International (AAI)     Updated
Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) is the only humanitarian assistance, international development, and relief organization that leverages the resources of the airline industry. Membership in the organization is open to anyone, but airline personnel and their families are encouraged to use their flight benefits to travel to make a difference. Volunteers hand deliver food, blankets, clothing and shoes, hygiene items, medical and school supplies, and wheelchairs to children and families in need at home and abroad. Members escort children to the United States who are in need of medical treatment not available in their own country or who are being adopted. AAI also supports substantive international development projects, including digging wells in Nicaragua and building radio towers for indigenous peoples who live deep in the Amazon rainforest. These activities heighten awareness of global inequity, increase cultural appreciation, and positively impact local communities.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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 Angel Flight America     Updated
Angel Flight America–a national network of seven autonomous regional members–arranges free flights of hope and healing by transporting patients and their families in private planes to hospitals for medical treatment. They also provide free flights in the event of a national crisis or whenever there is a compelling human need.

They are a non-profit grassroots volunteer corps of over 5,000 private pilots from all 50 states who proudly support and fly under the banner of Angel Flight. In the year 2003 alone, the seven regional members of Angel Flight America provided over 17,000 flights for children and adults. With support from thousands of compassionate and caring people-our pilots, ground volunteers (Earth Angels), mission coordinators, donors and the media– Angel Flight America has become the largest charitable air carrier in America.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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 BahamasHabitat.org     Updated
Bahamas Habitat is a US-based Christian nonprofit organization supporting housing & disaster relief work in the Bahamas. Through our partner Bahamas Methodist Habitat (BMH), operating out of James Cistern Eleuthera, we are involved in hosting over 600 adults and youths each season for impactful week long Christian missions focused on building projects. Bahamas Habitat is expanding and supporting the work of Bahamas Methodist Habitat through encouraging greater involvement of pilot volunteers in the extensive community development, housing renovation and construction work needed not only on the island of Eleuthera Island but throughout the Bahamas including the islands of Andros, Abaco, Grand Bahama, New Providence, Ragged and Cat.

The Bahamas is so easily accessible by private aircraft. Our organization maintains a special focus on partnering with supporters and sponsors that are involved in Aviation as pilots, aircraft owners and aviation industry participants. Our bi-annual Fly-In & Help Out Event introduces Pilots and Aircraft Owners to the joys of flying to the Bahamas while allowing them to directly support the vital mission of Bahamas Habitat.

Several times each year for a long weekend groups of mission minded pilots will make the flight to our Camp in Eleuthera for our bi-annual Fly-In & Help Out event.

You are invited to join our group and fly to the islands with us. We will deliver supplies and helping hands for ongoing projects. This event is the perfect way to learn to fly to the islands, support a vital mission and be introduced to how you can further help. Our participants literally fly in from all over for this event.

We gather in Fort Lauderdale for a luncheon hosted by Premier Aircraft Sales and special pilot briefings before we launch for Eleuthera. Lodging and transportation is arranged and all the details of how to conduct your flight is part of our program.

You’ll have an opportunity to bring in-kind donations you can carry in your aircraft as well as to participate in work teams during the event. Our schedule includes a day to just have fun and relax, so this trip has it all… a great flying adventure, help for a vital mission, fun and a chance to do it all on a tax deductible basis! What more could a pilot want?

Check out photos from previous Fly-In Events at www.BahamasHabitat.org

Sign up at www.bahamashabitat.org to receive info and special notices for the Fly-In and Help Out Events.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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 CJ Systems Aviation Group     Updated
CJ Systems Aviation Group is a leading provider of air medical services in the United States. Operating a fleet of more than 115 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, CJ Systems manages air medical services for hospitals and communities at approximately 80 base site facilities nationwide. The company employs more than 600 people across the United States and is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

CJ Systems is one of three aviation-related affiliates of FSS Airholdings Inc., a privately held company founded in 1969. Other FSS companies include: Corporate Jets Inc., a fullservice FBO, flight department and maintenance department based in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Heli-Dyne Systems, a helicopter services company based near Fort Worth, Texas.

Category : Top : Humanitarian Relief
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