Embry-Riddle Acquires Diamond Twin Star Aircraft

Daytona Beach, Fla., March 16, 2007 – Flight students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will enjoy a jet-like training experience when the Daytona Beach campus takes delivery of 10 new Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft in the Summer and Fall semesters, 2007. The university’s acquisition of the planes from Diamond Aircraft had been in the planning stage, but moved onto the fast track after a tornado destroyed most of the campus’s training fleet on Dec. 25, 2006.

The DA42 Twin Star’s sophisticated avionics qualify it as a “technically advanced aircraft,” a Federal Aviation Administration designation developed with help from faculty in Embry-Riddle’s aeronautical science program.

The DA42 Twin Star will give Embry-Riddle a complete glass-cockpit fleet, starting with our single-engine aircraft and culminating with our Canadair regional jet simulator,” said Tim Brady, dean of the College of Aviation at the university’s Daytona Beach campus. “We call it the ‘Embry-Riddle Edge.’ ”

“We are pleased that Embry-Riddle has selected Diamond DA42 aircraft for its multi-engine training,” said Chuck Glass, Diamond Aircraft’s director of fleet sales. “This state-of-the-art equipment will fit well with the university’s world-class professional flight training programs.”

In the cockpit of the DA42, Embry-Riddle students will find a Garmin G1000 electronic display and autopilot. The cockpit also features single-lever power controls for the engine, which offers jet-like thrust control.

The diesel-powered, twin-engine aircraft burns the same Jet-A1 fuel used by airliners, making it twice as efficient as comparable dual-engine airplanes. The DA42 is built of a lightweight composite material that is impervious to corrosion.

“The DA42 Twin Star replicates the same easy-to-operate, fuel-efficient aircraft our students will fly professionally right after they graduate,” said Frank Ayers, director of flight training at the campus. “In acquiring these aircraft, we’re upholding our commitment to provide absolutely the best and latest technology to our students, as befits the leader in aviation education.”

Diamond Aircraft offers the most comprehensive range of modern general aviation (GA) aircraft, including the 2-place DA20, the 4-place single-engine DA40 Diamond Star, the twin turbo diesel engine DA42 Twin Star, and the D-Jet, a 5-place luxury personal jet aircraft. For more information, visit www.diamondaircraft.com.


Source: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
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