Budget Bootcamp Workshop: 9-10 February 2007: A two-day workshop demonstrating techniques for developing, managing and presenting your individualized aviation security budget!

Zilina, Slovakia, November 1, 2006:  The University of Zilina, Air Transport Department, National Civil Aviation Security Training Center presents a workshop for Students, Security Administrators and those personnel tasked charged with developing airport or airline security budget. This workshop combines short PowerPoint presentations with individual and small group hands-on practicum to provide delegates with the practical skills necessary to research, format, complete and present a realistic Security Department Budget for funding.

Presented in a simple yet thorough format, this workshop is ideal for those managers who may not possess a background in finance. Student delegates are introduced to the process of a viable Needs Assessment and participate in a hands-on working practicum of the development, content, methodology and successful presentation of a realistic security budget.

Assessing your Needs
Students learn how to examine their own operations in light of ICAO & EC Standards, local and national Security Plans and current Risk assessments in order to establish needs. Clear distinctions are made between Needs and Wants.

Creating and Managing Financial Instruments
Working in small groups, students are tasked with the actual creation of a Security Department Budget utilizing pro forma forms and worksheets created specifically for AVSEC Department needs. Facilitated by Staff, each group will present their final budget for class critique at the end of the day.

Budget Presentation

Student delegates learn and practice techniques for winning presentations, including budget packaging, justification and successful inter-personal communication.

Locating and Utilizing Non-Traditional Funding Sources
In today’s world funding for AVSEC projects is often a long and tedious process. Students learn methods of identifying global funding sources, Grants, Gifts and In Kind assistance to achieve sorely needed equipment and operational support.

Who should attend?
This workshop is ideal for Airport and Air Operator Security Managers, Facility Administrators, and outside agents tasked with developing a security department budget.

For Registration and additional information call or visit:
http://spranza.com/Trainingcenterhome.html on the World Wide Web.


JOINT US - Slovakian venture to create
National Civil Aviation Security Training Center


Spranza Incorporated, a US Civil Aviation Security Training & Consulting firm with more than a quarter century of field instructional experience, has teamed with the Air Transport Department, University of Zilina Slovakia, to create the National Civil Aviation Security Training Center.  Located on the Zilina campus, the Center will commence operation with the spring 2007 academic quarter.

The Center has been carefully designed to present students with an intensive state-of-the-art, classroom experience, complemented by a web-based interactive Distance Learning component. Taking a “hands-on” approach, students learn by doing, and rapidly acquire the academic knowledge and technical skills necessary to meet current National and International Civil Aviation Security Standards and Practices.

In response to the recent EC forecasts for airline traffic growth within Central and Eastern Europe – placing Slovakia at a steady 6.6% and a total combined Regional increase of 26% over the coming decade, the Center was created to address a growing need for professionally trained and academically qualified personnel to perform security duties within the CEE. Cornerstone to the Center’s creation is the conviction in the importance of providing a safe and secure operating environment in which to facilitate investor confidence and airline operational growth.

Under the direction of Dr. Antonin Kazda and Dr. Branislav Kandera, the Center also offers a variety of off-campus professional consulting services to: air operators, airports and Civil Aviation Authorities throughout the Region in the areas of regulatory compliance, security systems design and management and preparation of AVSEC documentation.


Source: Spranza Incorporated
Pictures provided and copyrighted by University of Zilina - Prof. A. Kazda
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