World’s Largest Multilateration ADS-B Aircraft Tracking System Enters Operational Service Across Taiwan Strait

Taipei, Taiwan – Rannoch Corporation’s extended Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-X) system entered operational ATC service across the Taiwan Strait after successfully passing a series of rigorous technical and operational tests.

Characterized as the world’s largest operational system deployment of its type, the system provides high quality aircraft surveillance from the Taiwan mainland to China’s east coast, to provide en route surveillance from Peng Hu to Kinmen in Taiwan. Under contract to the Taiwan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the AirScene system and associated Air Traffic Control (ATC) display systems provide surveillance for airport surface coverage, the Kinmen terminal area, and Kinmen-Magong air route, covering a large area from Southwest Taiwan to Kinmen Island, adjacent to the Fujian Province of China. Tracking aircraft equipped with Mode A/C, Mode S and ADS-B, this system is the world’s first multilateration system that provides seamless surface-terminal-en route transition.

The AirScene architecture uses patented features to track and identify aircraft on the surface and across extreme wide areas, including unique over-the-horizon techniques, which allow aircraft tracking that is not impeded by the Earth’s curvature. With a resume that now includes over 30 wide area systems world-wide, Rannoch leads the industry in deployment of this technology. Contracted and deployed systems include wide area tracking in the United States, Canada, Mongolia, New Zealand, Europe, and Japan, each covering up to 7,500 square miles of airspace, for military, ATC, and airport management applications.

“Congratulations are due to the entire Rannoch implementation team on achieving system operation on schedule,” commented Eric Yang, Rannoch’s Chief Scientist. “The Taiwan project takes the challenge of ADS-X performance over wide areas to an entirely new level. This project provides a clear transition path to the future ADS-B environment, while accommodating legacy transponder system – creating a win-win scenario for the CAA and the airlines.”

Rannoch’s AirScene technologies enable surface movement guidance and control, en route, terminal area, and wide area tracking, ADS-B, Traffic Information Services Broadcast (TIS-B), and airport enterprise management. The company has over 25 patents issued and pending, covering many aspects of flight tracking, vehicle monitoring, reporting, and target processing technologies. Due to patented architectural features, Rannoch’s flight tracking technologies are capable of providing more extensive real-time wide area coverage and traffic information services than any other
multilateration/ADS-B system.


Source: Rannoch Corporation
Picture provided and copyrighted by Rannoch Corp
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