Winglet Technology Nearing Completion of Cessna Citation X Elliptical Winglet Flight Testing

Orlando, FL October 5, 2008 – Since program announcement at NBAA in September 2007, significant progress has been made towards completing FAA certification of Winglet Technology’s patented Elliptical Winglets on the Cessna Citation X.  The modification kit and production winglets have been installed on Cessna’s test aircraft, and final flight testing is nearing completion.  The wing full scale static test has been successfully completed, and the winglet static test is underway and expected to complete this month.  Remaining electrical system and exterior lighting flight testing is also scheduled to be completed this month.  Issuance of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate for the Citation X Elliptical Winglet is planned for June 2009. 

The addition of Elliptical Winglets to the Citation X has significantly improved the performance of the aircraft.  The winglets provide a 4–5% reduction in fuel consumption on long-range missions and the aircraft’s maximum range is increased by 150 nautical miles.  The Citation X cruise speed at altitude is increased when Elliptical Winglets are installed.  For altitudes above FL410, speed increases of up to 15 knots are achieved.  The winglets provide significant improvements in climb performance, with the time to climb to FL430 reduced from 26 to 22 minutes.  With winglets installed, the Citation X can now climb directly to FL450 at maximum takeoff weight, eliminating the step-climb required without winglets.  One of the most significant performance gains is an increase in takeoff weight of up to 1,200 lb for hot/high departures!

Winglet Technology and Cessna announced at last year’s NBAA that the two companies were collaborating on the development of Winglet Technology’s patented Elliptical Winglet design for retrofit on Cessna’s Citation X aircraft.  Cessna has been supporting Winglet Technology’s efforts to acquire the FAA STC for the Citation X aircraft by providing testing and technical support.  Cessna-owned Service Centers will be providing installation support for the Elliptical Winglet STC retrofit kit installation.

Winglet Technology has selected Ducommun AeroStructures, Inc. to manufacture the Citation X Elliptical Winglets.  Ducommun has delivered FAA conformed Elliptical Winglets to support FAA STC structural and certification flight testing.  Cessna process and facility approvals are expected to be in place by the end of the year. 

Winglet Technology designs and markets its patented Elliptical Winglets for business jets and transport category aircraft.  NBAA show attendees can see the patented Elliptical Winglets for the Citation X on display at Winglet Technology’s exhibit.


Source: Winglet Technology
Picture provided and copyrighted by Winglet Technology

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