Saab Mission: broadcasting over Brazil

This week is a busy one for Saab in space with contributions in three operations. Systems running the separation of the satellites from the launchers are used in all lift offs along with other products. The launch vehicle Ariane 5 ECA lifted off from the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana on 14th November. It had a double mission: to place the Star One C1 direct television, telecommunications and Internet services satellite as well as the Skynet 5B military communications satellite into orbit. On board were, among others, two different types of antennas for global coverage manufactured by Saab Space in cooperation with Saab Aerostructures and a data handling system manufactured by Saab Space. The separation system made sure that the separation of the satellite from the Ariane launcher went as planned. As usual, the Ariane rocket was guided into orbit using redundant computers and telemetry antennas, all delivered by Saab Space.

Saab contributes with three separation systems
The separation system on Ariane 5 is modular, enabling the satellite fitting with different launchers. The separation system is a clamp band system opening at the appropriate position making sure that satellite separates successfully from the launcher.

Saab antenna ensures broadcasting over Brazil
The compact reflector antenna sends television programs with coverage designed to serve Brazil. Working as the operator’s right hand, the data handling system on board checks that the satellite is operating correctly. It receives and collects data taken on board for transmission to ground control and distributes commands from ground control to the equipment on the satellite.

Saab separation system in action again
A lift off for Sea Launch is planned as soon as the weather allows. On board is the satellite Thuraya 3 from the operator Thuraya, offering satellite based mobile telephone services. The satellite was manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems. Saab Space delivered frequency converters for the satellite’s payload, switching the communication frequency from uplink to downlink and antenna feed elements for the giant unfurlable mesh antenna on board. The satellite will again separate from the launcher using a Saab Space separation system, this time using four pyrotechnic separation bolts.

The final space event planned this week is the lift off of the Sirius 4 satellite from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on 18th November. It is equipped with the Saab Space separation system 1194 VX.


Source: Saab
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