Saab 340B modified for the Japan Coast Guard

In December 2005, the Japan Coast Guard ordered two Saab 340B Plus Search and Rescue aircraft for civil search and rescue as well as for maritime patrol.

“This is the first time a Japanese governmental organization has ever bought pre-owned aircraft for this type of requirement,” states Peter Erlingborn, Head of Sales and Marketing for the Aircraft Services Division of Saab Aerotech. “Japan is known for reputation to buy quality products, and the effect of this order will act to further increase interest from other potential customers.”
Saab340B Plus modified for the Japan Coast Guard

Saab Aerotech holds overall responsibility for the project. Development of the modification will be performed by Saab Aerosystems with structural parts and assemblies provided by Saab Aerostructures. Upgrade work will be perfomed by technicians at Saab Aerotechs aircraft maintenance facility in Linköping.

The modification will include a 360-degree scanning search radar and a FLIR, wide observer windows, rescue equipment and life raft drop systems, system operator consoles, expanded communication systems and a sophisticated flight and operations management system. The rear of the cabin is arranged in a quick-change layout, carrying either passengers or cargo.

The aircraft will also be overhauled to meet the demanding requirements of the customer.
Saab and the company will expend approximately 40 000 manhours to complete the contract and deliver the finished aircraft.

Source: Saab
Picture Courtesy of Japan Coast Guard
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