Lochard Introduces WebTrak FlyQuiet To Efficiently and Effectively Manage Aircraft Noise

WebTrak FlyQuiet actively monitors, manages and improves aircraft operators’ compliance with airport noise abatement procedures to reduce aircraft noise. Lochard, the world’s leading provider of Airport Noise Management Systems, today announced the release of WebTrak FlyQuiet, their latest value-adding service for Airports. WebTrak FlyQuiet identifies flights that don’t comply with noise procedures and communicates this information to the aircraft operator. The operator can rapidly communicate with their pilots and pinpoint the reason for any deviations.  This enables airports to reinforce procedures and improve future compliance. Aircraft operators can quickly investigate noise and flight track violations themselves and collaboratively work with airports and pilots to ensure they “fly quieter”.  WebTrak FlyQuiet is the latest in the WebTrak suite of modules designed to assist airports with noise management, particularly as it affects their local community. So far more than 30 airports around the world, from Long Beach, California to London Heathrow in the United Kingdom, are utilising WebTrak services.

WebTrak FlyQuiet is an online tool that leverages off an airport’s existing infrastructure and displays information about how well an aircraft operator is doing at meeting noise program goals. 

A secure website is provided for each operator to review their flights, noise levels, weather and associated ATC audio recordings.  It also monitors performance trends and provides report summaries and documentation about procedures at the airport.

“Lochard is constantly finding new ways to assist airports to reduce aircraft noise,” said Phil Stollery, Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing, “The FlyQuiet module builds on our noise system’s existing capability to manage preferred noise and flight track procedures. It makes the entire process more efficient and effective in reducing noise by quickly providing richer information to pilots than is currently possible and at the same time making it easier for the airport to administer.”

WebTrak-Fly Quiet continues Lochard’s approach of developing web-based modules, each focused on performing a specific task. WebTrak-Fly Quiet is the third such module after the successful launches of WebTrak-Display and WebTrak-Investigate.

About Lochard
Lochard systems are installed in over 130 of the world’s leading airports, spanning 25 countries, including Chicago O’Hare, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Vancouver, Montreal, London Heathrow, Amsterdam,  Manchester, Nice, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Lochard’s cornerstone strengths in quality and innovation help optimize airport efficiency, maximize environmental capacity and build better relations with local communities.


Source: Lochard
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