KD Avia signs long-term engine MRO contract with Snecma Services

Paris, October 3, 2007 – KD Avia has signed a long-term contract with Snecma Services Brussels (SAFRAN Group), the Belgian subsidiary of Snecma Services, for maintenance, repair and overhaul services on the CFM56-3 engines powering seven Boeing 737 Classic twinjets. The first engine overhaul is scheduled for 2008. Its new contract with the leader in CFM56 maintenance is an exclusive Time & Material agreement for a period of three years. In addition to the basic contract, Snecma Services also guarantees the lease of a replacement engine if needed. KD Avia is a private Russian operator based in Kaliningrad and has contracts with 2 others MRO providers that cover part of its fleet.

“We chose Snecma Services because of their high-quality services and reasonable price policy, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the CFM56 as an OEM workshop,” explains Dmitriy Vinokourov, Engineering Chief at KD Avia. “We greatly appreciate their technical expertise, ability to listen to customers and sound advice, all factors that will help us operate our fleet as efficiently as possible.”

Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director of Snecma Services Brussels, adds, “We are delighted with this expression of trust by KD Avia. Our teams will start working with them right away, to make sure that they benefit from our vast experience with the CFM56-3. As with our many other customers in the region, Snecma Services Brussels will establish a solid relationship with KD Avia based on optimized maintenance costs.”

KD Avia is based at the Khrabrovo, Kaliningrad airport, in the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea. It operates scheduled flights to Russia, former Soviet countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Europe. Growing air traffic between Kaliningrad and the main cities within the Hub & Spoke system will accelerate the development of KD Avia, which continues to expand its fleet of CFM56-powered Boeing 737 twinjets.


Source: Snecma
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