JDA Aviation Technology Solutions Hired by Southwest Airlines

Washington, DC – JDA Aviation Technology Solutions today announced that Southwest Airlines has contracted through its General Counsel office with JDA to evaluate its maintenance programs and to make recommendations on how the airline can improve its maintenance processes. The JDA team of maintenance experts will begin the assessment immediately and provide Southwest with a complete report of findings and recommendations. JDA also will implement maintenance manual and system safety changes to ensure that the carrier’s maintenance and safety practices comply with FAA regulatory requirements and conform to FAA system safety policies and guidance. “This is the type of review that every air carrier should be doing on a periodic basis”, said Joe Del Balzo, JDA President and CEO.

JDA has been instrumental in assisting other air carriers with developing their Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) and System Safety implementations using its CertAssure™ product.

About JDA

For more than 14 years, JDA aviation has been a leading aviation industry consultant, delivering innovative solutions for aviation client challenges in safety, compliance, real estate development, technology infusion, litigation and organization/management.

JDA offers a wide range of certification and operations-related services and products including technology transfer, new carrier certification, obstruction evaluation, safety-based manual systems, ATOS Conformance Audits, Virtual Safety Offices, Crisis Management, Security Plans, and System Safety Training.

The company’s client base includes many of the leading aviation and aerospace companies and airports in the country, including Republic Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, Sentient Flight Group, Frontier/Lynx Airlines, CJ Systems Aviation, NetJets, Bombardier Aviation, Lockheed Martin, and ITT. JDA also represents ESCO, which manufactures and installs the Engineered Material Arrestor System (EMAS), the FAA certified breakaway-concrete surface installed at the end of runways to provide overrun protection.


Source: JDA Aviation Technology Solutions
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