International Communications Group announced today that it has completed an integration path for its Iridium Communication systems with the universal Avionics Unilink Communication Management Unit

Integration of the ICG ICS-200, ICS-120 or ICS-220 models of Iridium Communication System with the Universal UL-70x CMU gives corporate aircraft operators the option of using the Iridium satellite network as a two-way datalink communications medium for a variety of graphical and text based services in the Cockpit.  International Communications Group (ICG) today announced that it has completed the integration of its popular Iridium Communication Systems (ICS) with the Universal Avionics UniLink® UL-70x Communications Management Unit (CMU).

“The Universal UniLink CMU is a popular choice with business jet owner/operators today,” states Jeff Saucedo, Vice President of Product Sales. “By being able to integrate any of our ICS units with the UL-700/701 CMU, these owner/operators now have the option of utilizing the Iridium network, through either the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service or standard dial-up data service, to avail a variety of services such as Text or Graphical Weather, free-text messaging, position reporting and ACARS related messaging.”

“This datalink functionality makes the truly global Iridium satellite communications network available as a communications medium option on the aircraft to support not only the Cockpit data services of today but also introduces a forward path to support the emerging services of tomorrow such as the Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) system”. 

“Another major benefit to the integrated UniLink/ICS solution is that the ICS system supports operation as an Airborne Telephone System and/or an ARINC 741 compliant SATCOM system, as required. This flexibility brings maximum benefit to the end-user in terms of functionality and services available in addition to allowing for a simple and very affordable solution to their growing global communications needs.”

About ICG (

International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) of Newport News, Va. is a recognized leader within the aerospace industry, in the development and manufacture of aeronautical communications systems and solutions for the General Aviation and Air Transport industries.  ICG’s products provide satellite-based global voice and data telecommunications services for both cabin requirements and flight deck operations. Implementation of ICG avionics provides a comprehensive communications solution that can be customized for any size airframe or application. Products include: CTU systems, corded and cordless handsets, single- and multi-channel Iridium systems and data management devices. Markets for ICG products are the aerospace, military and maritime industries. ICG, a major Iridium value-added manufacturer (VAM) and value-added reseller (VAR), has developed a wide range of Iridium-based solutions and products for mobile satellite communications applications. ICG is an approved FAA manufacturing facility and many products carry FAA Parts Manufacturing Authorization (PMA).


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