Inter-Avio: joint venture of Interturbine and Avio-Diepen

Alphen aan den Rijn, November 11, 2007—Interturbine and Avio-Diepen start joint venture called Inter-Avio. Interturbine and Avio-Diepen announce the foundation of a joint venture ‘Inter-Avio’ for distributing spare parts in the Middle East. Inter-Avio will open a sales office and warehouse on the new airport of Jebel Ali Airport. This will reduce lead times for the supply of spare parts and improve the service operators and MRO’s in the region. Interturbine and Avio-Diepen strongly believe that in the strong growing aviation industry in the Middle East region Inter-Avio can meet the growing demand for high quality distribution services and supply chain management solutions.

“Inter-Avio is the right initiative in this strong emerging market and also gives us opportunities to use the strong network out of Dubai into the fast growing Indian market. The JV gives us the possibility to share resources and create synergies in order not only to improve service to our customers, but also to launch new initiatives to reduce costs in the supply chain”, said Vincent van Campen, President of Avio-Diepen.

“Our new joint venture with Avio Diepen in Dubai will serve the middle east customers with a unique service portfolio adding the total material support capability of both our two companies together. This way Inter-Avio is preparing a healthy growth of the total aviation market.”,  said Burckhard Schneider, President and CEO of Interturbine Logistik GmbH.

About Interturbine
Interturbine Logistik (ITL) is recognized around the world as an approved supplier of consumable materials (chemicals), composites, raw-/semi-finished materials and standard hardware to the aerospace industry and airlines. Interturbine‘s innovative material service support concept provides a ONE STOP SOURCE for immediate supply on call; supplying aerospace manufacturers, maintenance centers, airlines and high tech industries alike. Interturbine’s international supply network - headquartered in Germany - includes distribution and customer service centers in France, UK, Czechia, USA (TX, FL, CA, WA), Canada, P.R. China, South Africa, Singapore and Australia (NSW, VIC).

About Avio-Diepen

Avio-Diepen specializes in stock management and spare parts distribution of factory new certified components to Airline, MRO and OEM customers throughout the world. Avio-Diepen helps customers reduce direct and indirect costs by reducing lead-times, consolidating suppliers, implementing Material Management Services initiatives, and offering PMA products & services. Avio-Diepen has offices and distribution centers near Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Atlanta and Melbourne.


Source: Inter-Avio
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