DAC receives FAA PMA on GEN-X Class 3 EFG: GEN-X brings affordable Class 3 EFB solution to airlines and corporate aviation.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, August 25, 2008- DAC International Inc. announced today the GEN-X Electronic Flight Bag System has received Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA. EN-X meets the requirements of professional users demanding avionics PMA’d Class 3 EFB, however it’s offered in the price range previously found only in Class 2 EFB products.  GEN-X is designed for simple cost effective retrofit and forward fit requirements.  Installations can be accomplished under the operator’s choice of either Class 2 or Class 3 requirements. “It was clear to us that our customers were demanding a level of reliability, functionality and growth potential that was only achievable with PMA’d Class 3 equipment,” said Mike Crouch, President of DAC International.  “We have several customers that are installing GEN-X under the FAA Class 2 requirements as well.  They too will enjoy the benefits of a PMA’d Class 3 device with the added flexibility of a removable installation.  This offers our customers the best of both worlds,” added Crouch.

GEN-X effectively bridges the gap between Class 2 and Class 3 EFB’s to bring professional operators a cost-effective retrofit solution that supports the users’ Windows? based applications along with a full suite of EFB applications.

“Airlines will benefit from a more clear path to operational approval with a PMA’d Class 3 device. The Class 3 PMA’d solution relieves much of the burden otherwise placed on airlines and their Principal Inspectors for Class 2 COTS devices carrying no certifications,” said Jeff Ariens, Director Marketing EFB & Electronic Charting.

GEN-X features an almost total touchscreen design with the only hard buttons being display-on/off and brightness.  The full touch control allows complete user flexibility in 3rd party software, as well extremely intuitive operation that keeps down or eliminates training cost.

DAC calls the Application Manager and EFB software suite GENESYS.  GENESYS supports digital chart data from Maptech, Jeppesen or Lido.  A full suite of software modules include applications to support easy viewing, handling and updating of publications as well as weather, performance, checklist, cameras, flight papers, third-party applications and more.

GENESYS also provides operators the back-office server side software for complete centralized control and automatic update of all charts, publications, software and data. 

About DAC International
For more than 25 years DAC International has provided avionics solutions for the world’s airlines, military and corporate aircraft operators.  DAC is a leading edge aerospace engineering, manufacturing and marketing firm with key alliance partnerships.  DAC International Inc. is an operating subsidiary of The Fairchild Corporation, (NYSE: FA), Washington, D.C

Source: DAC International
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