CJ Systems Aviation Group Selects Turbomeca Engines

CJ Systems Aviation Group has chosen the Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 as the engine of choice on their upcoming purchase of five additional EC 135 helicopters. In addition, the company will purchase two EC 145s equipped with Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 engines.

Their decision was based on several key factors including the reliability history of their Arrius 2B1 engines. Their current fleet of Arrius 2B1 equipped EC135s have recorded an unprecedented mean time before removal rate of approximately 8,400 hours with the first twelve engines reaching overhaul without any intermediate removal history.
“The reliability of the Arrius engines and our close working relationship with Turbomeca USA’s senior staff were major factors in our decision to select the Turbomeca engines,” said Don Lambert, Vice President of Technical Support at CJ Systems.
CJ Systems Aviation Group operates 36 Arrius 2 engines and has been a loyal supporter of Turbomeca products since 1996. Russ Spray, President and Chief Executive Officer of Turbomeca USA adds, “We are pleased to be able to continue our long standing partnership with CJ Systems Aviation Group and we look forward to supporting their valued air medical transport missions throughout the United States.”

135 powered by the Arrius 2B2

For the record, the EC 135 aircraft can be powered either with Turbomeca’s Arrius or Pratt & Whitney’s PW 206 B2. Turbomeca confirms its leadership position with 66% market share.
The Arrius 2B2 was designed to allow a greater take-off weight in category A and to an extension of the temperature range. It offers the best performances at high altitudes and temperatures.
In addition, the engine TBO (Time Between Overhaul) is 3,500 hours since the certification and the life cycles are improved.
The Arrius 2B2 is the first engine to offer the facility to use the emergency OEI (One Engine Inoperative) 30”/2’ ratings several times without engine maintenance.
The customer also benefits from a computerized maintenance aid which allows them to process the data downloaded from the EECU (Engine Electronic Control Unit).
Engines of the Arrius family now rest confidently on the experience of more than 1,800 engines delivered, totaling more than 2 million flying hours for 430 customers in 60 countries.

EC 145 powered by the Arriel 1E2

The Arriel 1E2 powers the twin-engine EC 145. The Arriel 1 turboshaft engine features a very simple design, with a reduced number of parts and only five modules, for easy maintenance. The Arriel 1 has gained a solid reputation in the helicopter market based on its excellent handling characteristics and high level of reliability. The Arriel 1 has a TBO (Time Between Overhaul) of 3,000 hours, which can be extended to "on condition" on Module 1 and to 6,000 hours on Modules 2 and 4.
More than 6,000 Arriel engines have been manufactured by Turbomeca, accumulating over 19 million flight hours with more than 1,300 customers in 110 countries.
Turbomeca (SAFRAN Group) specialises in the design, production, sale and repair of gas turbines, with over 50 000 turbines based on its own designs sold since the company was founded. Turbomeca has three main product lines: turbo-shaft engines for helicopters, a market in which Turbomeca is the world-leader; turbo-fans for training aircraft, and also industrial and marine gas turbines. Their applications range from marine propulsion to railway traction, electrical power generation, combined heat and power generation, mobile ground power generation, mechanical drive, defence systems. To back up its gas turbines currently running in more than 60 countries, a highly efficient support organisation has been developed, based on a worldwide network of subsidiaries and a training system customised to the needs of each operator.

With more than 2 000 customers in over 140 countries, Turbomeca provides a proximity service thanks to its 14 sites, 3 subsidiaries, 22 TurboSupport Centers, 32 repair centers and 90 Field representatives and Field technicians. The Head Office is based in Bordes, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (south-west France). Microturbo, a subsidiary of Turbomeca, is the European leader in turbojet engines for missiles, UAV and auxiliary power units.

Source: Turbomeca
Picture provided by Turbomeca and copyrighted by Studio Pons
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