Avionics Innovations DMP-100 Cabin Briefer Selected By AgustaWestland For Use In Demanding Environments: DMP-100NVG System offers clear cabin communications in high-noise settings

Ramona, CA (October 6, 2008) — Avionics Innovations, Inc., has been selected by AgustaWestland to provide an innovative command communications solution involving its DMP-100NVG for use with AW101 and Super Lynx 300 helicopters in high-noise environments. Avionics Innovations’ DMP-100NVG, a night-vision compatible version of its popular DMP-100 cabin briefing system, plays back prerecorded versions of all necessary pilot commands, overcoming the problem of ambient noise on the flight deck overpowering the pilots’ microphones. A rugged unit that meets DO-160 environmental testing requirements and features EMI/RFI shielding to prevent interference with other aircraft systems, the DMP-100NVG is ideal for military applications.

Easy to install, the DMP-100NVG enables operators to prepare flight briefings in MP3 format on a personal computer and transfer them via a removable Compact Flash™ memory card. The DMP-100NVG holds up to 10,000 different audio tracks and can import playlists from iTunes, WinAmp and other such applications. It also supports audio briefings in any two languages simultaneously.

Source: Avionics Innovations, Inc
Picture provided and copyrighted by Avionics Innovations, Inc

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