Airways New Zealand Selects Era for Wide Area and Surface Surveillance Systems

Reston, VA – March 11, 2008 – Airways New Zealand (ANZ) has selected Era Corporation to provide two multilateration and ADS-B surveillance systems for New Zealand.  The first will be a wide area solution for the Queenstown International Airport, which will cover the surrounding terminal airspace, and the second will be a surface solution for the Auckland International Airport.  Queenstown International Airport serves over 1 million passengers per year and is located in the fast growing tourist resort area of New Zealand’s South Island.  Due to the extremely mountainous terrain surrounding the airport, in and outbound IFR flights have extremely limited flight paths in all weather conditions.  The accuracy and reliability of Era’s solution will enhance the safety and efficiency of services by ensuring compliance with flight procedures and the positions of other flights about the airport.  

“Traditional secondary radar was an impractical solution for Queenstown surveillance,” said Andrew Griffith, Airways New Zealand’s Group Manager for Technology and Support.  “Era has a proven track record in deploying surveillance solutions in similar regions and offered us a solution unsurpassed in performance and quality.”  

Auckland International Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in New Zealand.  It serves over 12 million passengers each year, and is predicted to more than double by 2025. 

Era’s solutions will utilize its industry-renowned MSS sensors, which will be strategically placed around Queenstown and Auckland International Airports to provide optimal surveillance coverage. MSS by Era is a completely modular system, easily adaptable to any wide area or surface requirement and is virtually impervious to all environmental challenges. The solution for Auckland International Airport will also include Era’s widely popular Squid vehicle tracking units.  Era’s multilateration provides higher accuracy, greater update rates, better coverage and improved reliability when compared to conventional radar.

“We are delighted that such a highly respected ANSP, such as Airways New Zealand, has selected Era to deploy next generation surveillance solutions,” said Axel Bensch, Director of Era’s Asia-Pacific ATM unit.  “The repeated selections of Era by the world’s leading ANSPs, especially in the fast-growing APAC region, prove the success of Era at providing optimal solutions to airports with diverse challenges and unique requirements.”

About Era - www.erabeyondradar.com

Era Corporation is a pioneer and leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets.  With proven multilateration and ADS-B technologies delivering high-performance, high-reliability surveillance solutions, the company has over 100 commercial, air traffic management and military customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.  Era’s investment in research and development and its track record of product innovation have resulted in a substantial patent portfolio.  Era is headquartered in Reston, Virginia with leading product research and development centers of excellence in the U.S. and Czech Republic.

About Airways New Zealand - www.airways.co.nz

Airways New Zealand is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial Air Navigation Services (ANS), responsible for managing all domestic and international air traffic operating within New Zealand’s 37 million square kilometres of airspace. In 2003 Airways was voted the best ANS provider in the world for value for money and quality of service, by the International Aviation Transport Association representing 280 of the world’s airlines.


Source: Era Corporation
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