ACES Systems signs agreement with AeroTecs nv (Belgium) to provide European Service, Calibration and Repair Facilities.

Lummen, Belgium, June 6, 2008 – ACES Systems signs agreement with AeroTecs nv (Belgium) to provide full European Service, Calibration and Repair Facilities. AeroTecs nv, of Lummen, Belgium, now the only Full Service; Sales, Calibration and Repair facility in Europe for ACES Systems, announces today the opening of it’s “State of the Art” service facility called “Recal Center”. It is now available for full service, repair and calibration for ACES Systems equipment throughout Europe.  The facility is ISO 9001-2000 certified and has been fully approved by ACES Systems.  The technical staff was trained at the headquarters of ACES Systems in Knoxville, Tennessee in the United States, to conduct service, calibrations and repair of the full line of ACES Systems products.

Jerry Justice, Aviation Products manager for ACES Systems said “ACES Systems built its business on reliability and service.  A quality service provider in Europe was a must for our continued success around the world and AeroTecs fills that role very professionally.  We are extremely pleased with personnel, capability and quality of what we’ve seen here at AeroTecs and I’m sure a long and prosperous relationship is in both our futures.”

Luc Stultjens, President and CEO of AeroTecs said “This finalizes an agreement with ACES Systems to expand their network of sales and service within Europe.  Our new Recal Center will now afford ACES customers on the European continent the luxury of five day turn time repair and recalibration service without the need of international shipment and associated customs requirements.  Combined with our successful sales of ACES products in Europe, this makes AeroTecs the premier provider of sales and service for ground based Dynamic Balance, Vibration Analysis and Performance equipment east of the Atlantic Ocean.”

About ACES Systems.
ACES Systems was purchased in 1990 by Technology for Energy Corporation (TEC) in Knoxville, Tennessee to form its Aviation Products Division.  ACES Systems designs and manufactures on-wing ground support maintenance equipment and Test Cell installed instruments for vibration, balance, performance, speed and engine systems measurement and adjustments.  The Aviation Products Division of TEC is registered to ISO 9001. For more information, visit

About AeroTecs nv.
AeroTecs is a leading technical representative and distribution company in the European market.  Promoting companies that specialize in aircraft cabin interior products and components used in cabin completions, time reducing and problem solving tools, and measurement equipment for production and maintenance use.  For more information, visit or


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