Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound Celebrates $500 Million Milestone in Charitable Giving

SEATTLE, April 23, 2008 — Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire honored the Employees Community Fund (ECF) of Boeing Puget Sound by proclaiming April 22 as "Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound Day" during a celebration at the United Way of King County in downtown Seattle. The proclamation was read by Gov. Gregoire’s Pierce County representative Ian Morrison in honor of ECF of Boeing Puget Sound’s milestone of distributing half a billion dollars during the past 57 years. Attendees included current and past ECF of Boeing Puget Sound board members, the United Ways of Washington and other state United Way leaders and Boeing’s community partners. United Ways of Washington President and CEO Erica Hallock, who served as emcee for the event, said, "Boeing builds the best airplanes around." She praised the ECF of Boeing Puget Sound for distributing more than half a billion dollars to benefit those in need in Washington state.

"Half a billion dollars is a large amount," Hallock said. "Boeing and the ECF of Boeing Puget Sound have strengthened our economy."

ECF of Boeing Puget Sound 2008 Board President Grace Holland said the large amount of money that was distributed demonstrates the nonprofit’s commitment to the past and the future.

"We want to make sure our communities are strong, vibrant and ready for anything," Holland said. "It is so nice to know we are doing good in the community."

Boeing employee Diana Rhea, who has worked for Boeing since 1942 and has donated to ECF of Boeing Puget Sound since its inception in 1951, said she will continue to give to ECF until " … when and if I retire."

"Boeing is a tremendous company to work for," Rhea said. "I’m glad we continue to give to the community where we live and work. ECF is operated and controlled by the employees and they give to the community. I’m always happy to give a little extra."

The ECF of Boeing Puget Sound began as a joint effort by management, labor unions and employee organizations as a way for employees to combine their contributions to make a greater difference in their communities. When combined with all ECFs throughout Boeing, it is the largest employee-owned, charitable-giving organization in the world.


Source: Boeing
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