Canadian Air Forces: Cormorant Rescues Downed Pilot

19 WING COMOX – The pilot of a downed ultra light aircraft radioed for help after crashing onto ice on Beadnell Lake, Vancouver Island. A Cormorant helicopter from 19 Wing Comox, call sign Snake 912, was launched by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria to rescue the pilot. The pilot took off from Qualicom Beach Monday afternoon, March 12. He apparently had problems when he tried to land and reportedly got caught in a downdraft. Following his crash landing, the pilot called for assistance and advised JRCC that he was not injured, but would need assistance getting out as his aircraft was too damaged to take off.

“We flew to the lake immediately and began to search for the pilot,” said Master Cpl. Guy St. Denis, search and rescue technician. “We all saw him right away, waving at us from the lake. I hoisted down to him and confirmed that he was okay. After briefing him on the double hoist procedure, we were hoisted to the helicopter. Text book mission.”

The pilot of the ultra light was taken to Qualicom Beach airport, and then the 442 Squadron crew returned safely to Comox.

The Cormorant crew: Capt. Rob Johnson, aircraft commander, Maj. Doug Parker, first officer, Master Cpl. Brian Schoneberg, Flight Engineer, and SAR Techs Warrant Officer Jeff Warden and Master Cpl. Guy St. Denis.


Source: 19 Wing
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