Become a Corporate Sponsor of Miracle Flights for Kids

Our corporate sponsors care about, and make a difference in the lives of children.  There are many ways for your company and your brands to participate in meaningful and successful cause-related marketing programs with Miracle Flights for Kids.  We recognize that each company has unique brand-building strategies.  Miracle Flights for Kids provide both local and national opportunities.  We will work with you to determine what your company wants to achieve through a relationship with Miracle Flights for Kids.

Why partner with Miracle Flights for Kids?

Why partner with a charity?
76 percent of consumers report that they would be likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause.

90 percent of workers whose companies have a cause program feel proud of their corporate values.

Why a children’s charity?
“Children are top priority”. Children’s charities rank in the top three in terms of popularity and familiarity.

Why partner with Miracle Flights for Children?

For more than 20 years, Miracle Flights for Kids has partnered with corporations in dozens of industries, which have helped to raise money to benefit children served by Miracle Flights while also meeting the business and public relations goals of our partner companies.


Elements of a corporate sponsorship
Every partnership is a unique combination of some or all of the following elements:

* Commercial airline partnership: We rely on alliances and close ties with commercial airlines to help us achieve our mission.  Through this type of partnership, commercial carriers have a unique opportunity to help kids and families in need by donating blocks of seats, frequent flyer miles or offering significant discounts on air fare.

* Cause-related marketing promotions:  With this type of promotion, a percentage of a company’s product revenues are donated to Miracle Flights for Kids.  Our trademark, logo, and proprietary library of national children stories and pictures may be used to promote the affiliation of Miracle Flights For Kids

* At-register promotions:  Retailers, both on and off-line, can enable their customers to add a nominal amount to their total bill to benefit Miracle Flights for Kids.  When merchandised in-store and throughout the organization, at-register programs successfully generate customer and employee goodwill.

* Sponsorship:  Through sponsorship, matching gift or payroll deduction programs, children in need benefit.  At the same time, company public relations, and employee/employer relations are greatly enhanced.

Employee involvement and volunteer opportunities:  Miracle Flights for Kids spent the past twenty two years building strong alliances with  volunteers in order to help families in need get access to medical treatment hundreds of miles from their home, or get that important life-saving second opinion they never dreamed was possible.  It is through these volunteer relationships that Miracle Flights for Kids has been able to successfully coordinate over 50,000 missions and cover more than 25 million, volunteer today with Miracle Flights for Kids.

* Foundation support:  Companies donate funds or services through their foundation.  Corporate foundations represent a significant source of financial resources for Miracle Flights For Kids.


What makes a successful partnership?
Our most successful corporate partnerships are those that have:

  • Strong internal support
  • Clear business strategies
  • Effective use of company systems
  • Objectives that engage employees, customers, and consumers alike

For more information about partnership opportunities please send e-mail to [email protected] or to [email protected] or call (702) 261-0494 Ext 14.


We’re Flying for Life
Miracle Flights for Kids is the nation’s leading nonprofit chartable flight organization. Since 1985, we have continued to fulfill our mission to help families overcome financial obstacles and access the proper medical care and 2nd opinions for their seriously ill children. Miracle Flights takes great pride in knowing that 78% of all donations are allocated to helping sick children who have no other options get to their treatments.


Source: Miracle Flights for Kids
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