ASI Group Demonstrates Emergency Response Capabilities during War, Natural Disasters

HOUSTON, TEXAS – October 16, 2006 – ASI Group, a leading provider of global risk management services, demonstrated its crisis-response capabilities during the past year as corporate America turned to the company for help in war-torn Lebanon and during the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

“In crisis situations, our job at ASI Group is to provide rapid response and strategic solutions to breaking world events,“ explains Charlie LeBlanc, vice president of operations. “We have the logistical strength and experience to conduct operations that require speed, precision and on-the-spot decision-making capabilities. With a 24/7 Intelligence and Operations Center, we can quickly bring to bear our full global resources to assist clients to safety in almost any scenario.”

ASI’s skills were put to the test in July when war erupted between Israel and Hezbollah. The company immediately evacuated some clients out of the country, while others were relocated to safe havens in northern Lebanon. Transporting remaining personnel through Syria and into Turkey was avoided due to the higher risk involved. While clients waited in comfortable surroundings in northern Lebanon, ASI secured their passage onto cruise ships. On-the-ground agents then safely escorted clients to the ships and out of the country. All clients were accounted for and were safe throughout this crisis.

During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, ASI supplied close-protection detail and safely delivered necessary supplies to newspapers reporters covering the stories in Louisiana and Texas. As the security situation rapidly deteriorated in New Orleans, ASI was challenged with providing quality security support while working around evacuation orders from the mayor. The newspaper outlet commended ASI for its work.

“Our disaster-response program worked extremely well in these real-life situations, as we reacted in moving our clients’ personnel immediately out of harms way and ascertaining the safest route of evacuation,” said LeBlanc. “We have the ability to blend our multilingual intelligence staff, our network of global agents, our transportation resources and our operational management control to give our clients the best services from the best sources.”

Over the years, ASI has guided numerous clients working in hot zones on whether to evacuate. While some situations do not warrant relocation, ASI counsels clients while keeping a close eye on developments, standing ready if situations change.

As part of its risk-management program, ASI also trains executives and expatriates who plan to live and travel in high-threat locations about their destination. In addition, ASI supports business continuity during manufacturing plant closures. By managing the overall process, from intelligence to physical onsite security, ASI ensures that the challenges a corporation faces during a workforce reduction do not hamper the company’s image or capability to successfully shutdown the facility.


Source: Air Security International (ASI)
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