The McChord Air Museum: Museum’s aircraft to be “corralled” on Heritage Hill

A frequently asked question from those who have visited the museum lately is about our missing aircraft. We can assure you they are still with us, but when you see them again they will be in a new location on base - Heritage Hill. The new airpark, located southeast of the Museums C-141 & C-124 which their selves were moved to the newly named Heritage Hill in 2005, will be a centerpiece of the bases “Rainier Ranch” area constructed for visitors during the this summers International Air Mobility Rodeo, an competition held at McChord every two years off and on since the mid 90’s.

Over the last year base maintance crews have assisted museum volunteers in removing the aircraft off of their stands and towing them to the museums restoration hanger. While there the aircraft have gone through some much-needed maintance, in preparation for a complete painting. The project is scheduled for completion by June of 2007. Please visit our site for updates on the project.

Source: The McChord Air Museum
Picture provided and copyrighted by The McChord Air Museum

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