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Wichita, KS. June 30, 2008 — While the name Rawdon isn’t exactly a household word in most of the aviation world, Herb Rawdon exerted a great deal of design influence at Travel Air, Douglas, Beech and Boeing. The complete story on how this aviation pioneer helped evolve the world of aviation by author/historian Daryl Murphy and other little-known aviation facts articles can be found at Aviation enthusiasts and aviation history aficionado’s can also discover fascinating accounts on this website’s weekly update on Walter J. Boyne’s "World Aviation History" feature on The Evolution of Jet Fighters: A New Point of View, and an aviation history feature on Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Wings Over Kansas website owner/editor Carl Chance said, "The world of aviation is evolving daily and is without a doubt a major force in our world’s history on so many levels. For me aviation history is magical, it has spirit and it takes us from what was to what is, to what will be. Truly, unless history lives in our present, it has no future!"

Chance doesn’t stop with his focus on aviation history but has also made aviation news, feature articles, education, photos, videos, careers, learn-to-fly and much more aviation resources a weekly discovery for visitors to Much of these resources are attributable to the content contributions of valued writers, authors and historians. Collectively, they are the magical glue that holds this website up to the Internet audience to discover the treasure that lies within its pages.

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