AirPlay at the Aerospace Museum of San Diego: This exhibit will blow you away!

You can’t see it and you can’t always feel it, but its movements affect our surroundings and us, all the time. It roars, whistles, ruffles and whispers. It gusts, sometimes with enormous results. It’s around us all the time. What is it? Air!

The San Diego Aerospace Museum and Bank of America invite you to play beginning February 1, 2006 when AirPlay travels to San Diego in this new, west coast stop for this dynamic interactive exhibit.

Full of hands-on fun and minds-on learning, AirPlay’s exciting interactive exhibits allow learners of all ages to explore the properties – and power – of air.

Through a set of highly interactive exhibits visitors develop an intuitive understanding of how air moves, how moving air affects objects in its path, and how, in turn, objects affect the movement of air.

Just watch what happens when you fire off the "Air Cannon," or see how air propels objects through what might be the world’s longest vacuum cleaner hose. AirPlay lets you sail a flotilla of model boats across a tabletop from the force created by a bank of fans. Blowers propel balls through a maze, illustrating how the twists and turns of ductwork affect the air moving inside it.

Specifically designed to foster interaction among family members and groups of peers, AirPlay encourages visitors to make discoveries about air both in active and subtle ways.

The exhibit closes April 30, 2006. AirPlay was developed by the Montshire Museum of Science, in Norwich, Vermont, as part of the TEAMS (Traveling Exhibits at Museums of Science) Collaborative, with funding from the National Science Foundation and presented locally by Bank of America.

For further information, please visit: www.aerospacemuseum.org

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