Russian Customer Takes Delivery Of The First AW119 Ke Helicopter With Versace Designed Interior

AgustaWestland and Versace are pleased to announce, during a ceremony held at JetExpo 2008 in Moscow today, that the first AW119 Ke single turbine engine helicopter featuring a Versace-styled interior has been delivered to a private customer in Russia. The VIP/corporate transport-configured helicopter owned by Sergei Shmakov has been configured in an six seat layout trimmed in white and blue leather bearing the Versace trademark of style, elegance and  luxury.  The AW119 Ke is the latest helicopter in the AgustaWestland range, following the AW109 Power and Grand light twins, and the AW139 medium twin, to be fitted with Versace interiors and adorned with the unique Versace designed paint scheme. The delivery of this AW119 Ke marks the continued success of the AW119 Ke in the Russian commercial helicopter market.

AgustaWestland and leading Italian fashion design house Versace first announced their collaboration to offer AgustaWestland’s customers a range of exclusively designed cabin interiors for its helicopters in 2007. Following the launch of the Grand with Versace designed cabin interiors in 2007, AgustaWestland and Versace further strengthened their collaboration in February this year adding the AW139 to the range of helicopters, with an even wider variety of design solutions to provide the most luxurious, exclusive and comfortable helicopter interiors. The first two helicopters to be fitted with Versace-styled interiors, an AW109 Power and a Grand, were delivered to their customers during an official ceremony in March this year.

All the AgustaWestland VIP/corporate-configured helicopters interiors utilise the finest materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship, mixed with a very modern approach to elegance and comfort. The Versace interior is one of several interior designs offered by AgustaWestland for its VIP/Corporate range of products.

The AW119 Ke 2.8 ton single engine helicopter offers operators unmatched performance and a payload/range capability that makes it an unrivalled helicopter in its class. The AW119 Ke is ideally suited to perform VIP/corporate transport operations thanks to the roomiest and most comfortable cabin in its category capable of carrying up to six passengers. Its high cruise speed, long range and power for the most demanding hot and high operational conditions gives its owners and operators unmatched capability. Over 180 helicopters have been ordered to date by almost 80 customers in 20 countries to perform various roles including VIP/corporate transport, EMS, law enforcement and offshore transport.

Sergei Shmakov is President of “Sapsan” holding, the leading Russian Real Estate company.  “Sapsan” has built 16 real estate villages in different regions of the country. Besides successfully leading “Sapsan”, Sergei Shmakov is also a famous sportsman: all-round world champion in Rally-raid, as well as participant in many races including the Lisbon – Dakar rally.


Source: AgustaWestland
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