Kasprowicz Announces Around-The-World Speed Record Attempt In AgustaWestland Grand Helicopter

Scott Kasprowicz announced today his plans to make an attempt at setting a new speed record for an around-the-world helicopter flight. The record setting flight is scheduled to take place in July 2008 in Kasprowicz’s twin engine, factory standard, executive configured AgustaWestland Grand (N1US). “We are delighted that Scott has chosen the Grand to perform the around-the-world speed record which continues to achieve greater and greater success in the Americas market,” said Renzo Lunardi, senior vice president of AgustaWestland’s Commercial Business Unit.

“The decision to perform a more challenging mission after breaking the transcontinental speed record, confirms the operator’s confidence in the superior and unequalled features of the aircraft.” Dubbed ‘The Grand Adventure’ Kasprowicz and pilot Steve Sheik plan to depart from New York traveling eastbound, covering over 19,865 nautical miles in 14 days. During his journey, Kasprowicz’s aircraft must cross every meridian on the globe and is prohibited from traveling into the poles due to time and distance advantages.

“I’ve wanted to make this attempt for a long time,” said Kasprowicz of the record setting attempt. “In order to succeed in a trip like this, you need an aircraft like the Grand that has above average fuel efficiency and exceptional reliability. What will make this record setting flight even more meaningful is the fact that we will make the trip in a factory standard aircraft that has not been specially outfitted or modified for this kind of application. No team has tried to set the around the world record like this before and we’re excited about both the challenges and the rewards of such an attempt.”

“It’s rare that we can highlight the romance of aviation with the capability and quality of an aircraft,” said Lou Bartolotta, AgustaWestland’s executive vice president of Commercial Sales for the Americas. “We have complete confidence that the Grand will showcase the full extent of its performance capabilities during this record setting flight.”  Kasprowicz recently accomplished the fastest transcontinental helicopter flight from New York to Los Angeles on February 16.  Scott Kasporwicz along with co-pilot Steve Sheik achieved the record breaking flight in just 15 hours, 09 minutes and 10 seconds resorting to only six fuel stops and covering 2,139.8 nautical miles. The record is validated, recorded and maintained by the National Aeronautics Association.


Source: AgustaWestland
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