Italian Army’s Aviation Unit Takes Delivery of its First NH90 Helicopter

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Italian Army’s Aviation Unit has taken delivery of its first NH90 multi-purpose helicopter late December, 2007. The Italian Army has ordered 60 NH90 TTH helicopters which will replace older models currently operated by the service in various utility roles. The new twin engine NH90s will give the Italian Army’s Aviation Unit a dramatic improvement in operational capability and mission effectiveness. As a leading integrated operational support solutions provider, AgustaWestland will also provide the Italian Army’s NH90 helicopters with a complete product support and training package through the Phased Logistic Support programme, with an initial commitment for three years.

The NH90 TTH version is designed for tactical transport of personnel (16 to 20 troops) and material. Additional applications include medical evacuation (12 stretchers), special operations and airborne command post. The NH90 TTH design is optimised for low signatures (acoustic, radar, infrared) and is equipped with night vision systems (Forward Looking Infra-Red, Night Vision Goggles, Helmet Mounted Sight & Display). Other features include a weather radar, digital map, obstacle warning system, cable cutters, armoured pilot seats, defensive weapons suite, passive and active counter measures. The TTH variant is also equipped with a rear-loading ramp to allow the internal transport of a light vehicle. The NH90 is highly manoeuvrable giving it excellent nap-of-the-earth flight capabilities and can be flown in the most demanding environmental and weather conditions.

The NH90 programme is managed by NAHEMO (NATO Helicopter Management Organisation) representing France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium, and by the NH Industries industrial consortium comprising AgustaWestland (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%) and Stork Fokker (5.5%). In the frame of the NH90 programme, AgustaWestland is responsible for the production of the main transmission, tail drive shaft, hydraulic system, automatic flight control system, rear ramp, rear fuselage, T700/6E1 engine installation and on-board computers. Furthermore, AgustaWestland is also responsible for the overall integration of the NH90 naval mission system for all NFH variants. AgustaWestland’s Vergiate plant is the final assembly line for the NH90s ordered by Italy (Army and Navy, 60 and 56 helicopters respectively), the Netherlands (20) and Norway (14) giving a total of 150 helicopters so far.

A total of 507 firm orders have been placed by customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Belgium in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Oman overseas. Final assembly lines are located in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland and Australia with components and major assemblies being supplied from AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Stork Fokker plants.

Source: AgustaWestland
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