Helicopters New Zealand Orders Three AW139s Plus Two Options

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that Helicopters New Zealand (Helicopters NZ) has signed a contract for an additional three AW139 medium twin turbine engine helicopters plus options for a further two aircraft. These helicopters, which add to two AW139s previously purchased with the first aircraft already in service and the second one expected to be delivered soon, will be used for offshore transport purposes. The acquisition of new AW139s will enable the company to further increase its ability to further expand its support of leading companies such as Shell, confirming Helicopters NZ as the prime offshore operator in the region. Helicopter NZ is taking advantage of the outstanding AW139 characteristics including excellent performance, the largest cabin in its class, high safety, reliability and serviceability levels and the AW139 has also proven fully compliant with the Shell Aviation’s and Woodside Australia’s stringent operational and quality requirements. The AW139 meets the safety and systems requirements of the new generation aircraft for the oil companies in the Western world, giving the travelling staff the best possible safety level available. Helicopters New Zealand will also provide maintenance and technical services to the expanding fleet of AW139 in the region.

Brian McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Helicopters NZ commented “Helicopters New Zealand has experienced  growing success in recent years and the state-of-the-art AW139 helicopter has played a major role to pursue our goals. We are confident that further expanding our AW139-based fleet will enable us to achieve even greater accomplishments in the future”. Denis Laird, Manager, Helicopters NZ said “The AW139’s unequalled features have further enhanced Helicopter New Zealand’s capability in satisfying its customers’ exigencies which are proving more and more demanding. Offering our customers increased effectiveness by further strengthening the AW139 fleet which supported them to reach their targets is the best answer we can provide to fit their new expectations”. 

Renzo Lunardi, Senior Vice President Commercial Business Unit, AgustaWestland said “We are proud that leading operator Helicopters New Zealand will be adding further new AW139 helicopters to their existing fleet. This new order is further evidence of the customer’s satisfaction with AgustaWestland as a total capability solutions provider, offering a full package encompassing not only the platform but also training and product support. The success in service of the first aircraft has given Helicopters NZ confidence to order these three additional AW139s”.

As the best selling medium twin helicopter in the world marketplace, the AW139 has quickly become the aircraft of choice for offshore oil and gas support operations. Orders for almost 350 AW139 helicopters have been placed so far by almost 100 customers from nearly 40 countries for various applications including offshore transport, search and rescue, EMS, VIP/corporate transport, uti, law enforcement and other government tasks.


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