First Two AgustaWestland Helicopters With Versace Interiors Delivered

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the first two helicopters fitted with Versace-styled interiors have been delivered to their customers during an official ceremony held at its Vergiate plant today. The two aircraft comprising a Grand light twin turbine engine helicopter featuring a black and white interior and paint scheme and an AW109 Power light twin with a grey-coloured Versace-styled interior, ordered by Ioan Tiriac Air of Romania and Elimarca of Italy respectively, were formally accepted by the customers. 

AgustaWestland and leading Italian fashion design house Versace first announced their collaboration to offer AgustaWestland’s customers a range of exclusively designed cabin interiors for its helicopters in 2007. Following the launch of the Grand with Versace styled interior and paint scheme in 2007, AgustaWestland and Versace further strengthened their collaboration in February this year adding the AW139 to the range of helicopters to offer an even wider range of design solutions to provide the most luxurious and stylish helicopter interiors.

All the AgustaWestland VIP/corporate-configured helicopters interiors utilise the finest materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship, mixed with a very modern approach to elegance and comfort. The Versace interior is one of several interior designs offered by AgustaWestland for its VIP/Corporate range of products.

AgustaWestland is the leading provider of high quality executive transport helicopters with an impressive range of products from the 2.8 ton single engine AW119 Ke to the 16 ton three engine AW101. Each and every helicopter shares the same commitment to excellence, elegance, high technology, comfort, performance, operational flexibility and safety while featuring specifically tailored interiors and equipment configurations to ensure an unparalleled flight experience.

Source: AgustaWestland
Pictures provided and copyrighted by AgustaWestland

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