Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) signs with Eurocopter for the first EC135 ‘l’Hélicoptère par Hermès’ at EBACE 2008

Eurocopter is proud to announce the sale of the first EC135 ‘l’Hélicoptère par Hermès’ to Falcon Aviation Services (FAS), a renowned provider of high level aviation services in the UAE and Gulf regions, specialising in helicopter charter and associated services. To be delivered at the end of this year, this helicopter perfectly illustrates a successful fusion between design and technology and brings business travelling to new heights in our fast-paced modern day era. “The clientele in the business aviation market is highly demanding. In addition to being an efficient, convenient and safe means of transport, the helicopter also has to sport a classy design and elegant interiors in order to provide a unique travelling experience for our customers - one that combines style and comfort. We believe to have risen up to the challenge with the “l’Hélicoptère par Hermès””, says Mr. Philippe Harache Eurocopter’s Senior Executive Vice-President. "We are extremely honoured to be the first customer for this exclusive “l’Hélicoptère par Hermès”. Inside this helicopter where single minute detail is well designed and wellthought of, it is as if we are entering a “cocooned” zone of comfort where all our needs are taken care of, leaving us the luxury of travelling in peace without having to neither worry nor think about anything” declares Mr. Salem Al Kayoumi FAS’s Chairman.

‘L’Hélicoptère par Hermes’ : elegance in motion

Based on the EC135, the world leader in the new generation of light, twin-engine helicopters, ‘l’Hélicoptère par Hermès’ unites the latest and most advanced aircraft technologies developed by Eurocopter with the savoir-faire of Hermès, which has accompanied discerning travellers for more than 170 years.

Combining a spacious cabin with a seating capacity for four passengers, ample storage compartment, unobstructed flat floors, and lateral sliding doors, the EC135 - Eurocopter’s best-selling light multimission, twin-engined helicopter with an unusually low noise-signature - provided an ideal template for the Hermès designer and craftsmen.

Hermès’ distinctive signature is apparent across the aircraft’s exterior and interior design treatment. There is a choice of 4 colours for the exterior paint scheme and 5 for the interiors, in any combination.

Sliding doors on the helicopter open to reveal an interior configuration that is sober, lightfilled and unexpectedly spacious. The cabin was completely redesigned by Hermès Interior and Design to maximize available space: Surfaces from floor to ceiling have been covered in ‘Toile H’, a signature Hermès canvas used to manufacture the firm’s travelware since the nineteen-twenties.

Seats and banquette are handcrafted for exceptional comfort, and upholstered in calf leathers, naturally grained and highly resistant.

Addressing a commonly expressed wish, the craftmen of Hermès Interior and Design have optimized the use of fabrics and leathers to soften ambient noise and vibration.Consoles, drawers and cabinets have been recessed or placed entirely out of view.

A sliding glass partition now separates passenger compartment and cockpit, enhancing privacy while allowing light to enter from the aircraft’s fore-section. Overhead Air Conditioning ducts have been center-aligned across the ceiling, providing passengers with cleaner, more symmetrical visual cues. Even the landing gear has been redesigned to allow for easier and more elegant access to the cabin. In short, each aesthetic choice is combined with a functional improvement.

FAS shows continued confidence in Eurocopter products by being the launch customer of EC135 “l’Hélicoptère par Hermès”
As an operator, FAS will have a fleet of 6 Eurocopter helicopters (3 EC130 B4, 2 AS365 N3 and 1 EC135 “l’Hélicoptère par Hermès”,) by the end of 2008. This recent contract signature thus reinforces the relationship between FAS and Eurocopter which began in 2006 and which has strengthened and flourished ever since.

FAS presently provides helicopter services for tourism, corporate charter, Search & Rescue and more recently, Offshore Oil Support operations in the UAE and Arabian Gulf regions. With its headquarters located at Bateen Airport in Abu Dhabi and situated only 10km from the City Centre, FAS is ideally located for Operators and Passengers alike.

In addition to being a customer and operator, FAS launched into helicopter customer support activities in May 2007, by establishing a Maintenance Centre with Eurocopter. Staffed with around 40 employees, this centre is now providing a full range of inspection and maintenance services for a large fleet of helicopters throughout the Gulf region.

In view of the one year anniversary of the creation of the above Maintenance centre, the recent purchase of the first EC135 Hermes Helicopter is but an excellent celebration of the strong partnership between FAS and Eurocopter.

About Falcon Aviation Services (FAS)

FAS was formed in early 2006 under the initiative of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan to fill a significant gap in the Aviation Services Market in the UAE and Gulf Region. FAS is committed to delivering the highest level of aviation services that establish benchmark standards in terms of Quality and Customer Service. Safety in the air and on the ground is the No. 1 priority for every member of the FAS team. The FAS helicopter fleet offers a diverse range of capability, performance and comfort levels to satisfy every customer’s requirement. The FAS Leadership team has over 88 years of commercial operating experience in the Arabian Gulf / GCC Region alone. FAS Military Support Operations provide 24/7/365 Search and Rescue (SAR) services to the UAE Armed Forces. Our strategy is underpinned by an order book for 19 new Helicopters and Corporate Jets with a combined value of more USD 0m. The Company is confident of continued growth in the UAE and Arabian Gulf region. FAS will develop and adapt its fleet and services to meet the changing needs of these dynamic markets. www.falconaviation.ae


Source: Eurocopter
Picture provided and copyrighted by Eurocopter
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