Ceremony Marks Delivery Of AgustaWestland A109 Power, A119Koala And AW139 Helicopters To SEACOR Holdings

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the delivery of  three different models of helicopters, an A109 Power, A119 Koala and AW139, to SEACOR Holdings / Era Helicopters during a ceremony held at AgustaWestland’s Philadelphia facility on 15 December, in the presence of Bruno Spagnolini, AgustaWestland’s Commercial Program Managing Director and Ed Washecka, Vice President of SEACOR Holdings. The AW139 handover was especially significant as it marked the first AW139 to be assembled in Philadelphia, PA. AgustaWestland broke ground on a new AW139 production and warehouse facility in Philadelphia during 2006 and plans to begin full-scale production from the new facility in early 2007. 

“We are proud to continue to serve our valued customer, SEACOR Holdings, with the delivery of these three customized aircraft,” said Renzo Lunardi, AgustaWestland’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The delivery of these aircraft and construction of the new production, support and training facilities represents AgustaWestland’s continued commitment and investment in the United States.”

Ed Washecka, Vice President of SEACOR Holdings, accepted the three aircraft from Bruno Cellemme, Chief Executive Officer of AgustaWestland Philadelphia, in front of hundreds of AgustaWestland Philadelphia employees in the company’s flight hangar. SEACOR Holdings will use the helicopters at its Lake Charles based Era Helicopters unit.  Era Helicopters services the offshore oil and gas industry. 

“The Power, Koala and AW139 delivered today will be added to our fleet of AgustaWestland Koalas, Powers and AW139s already in service supporting our customers.  Our customers really appreciate the most advanced safety features, the comfort of the ride and the speed of the AgustaWestland products.  These aircraft will provide additional capability to our fleet,” said Washecka. “We look forward to working with AgustaWestland to continue providing exceptional service to our customers.”

AgustaWestland has been operating in Philadelphia for more than 25 years, but moved to its current location in 1988. AgustaWestland Philadelphia will add the production of the AW139 to its responsibility of sales, assembly, customization and support of the A109 and A119 Koala product line throughout the Americas.

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