Boeing Delivers First New-Build Apache Longbow Helicopter to U.S. Army

LE BOURGET, France, June 20, 2007 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] recently delivered the first new-build AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter to the U.S. Army during a ceremony at the company’s Mesa, Ariz., Apache production facility. "This new-build Apache is a milestone achievement," said Col. Mark Hayes, Training and Doctrine Command Systems manager of reconnaissance and attack, during the event. "Apache helicopters are a critical asset for soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Battlefield commanders depend on the capabilities Apache attack helicopters bring to troops on the ground."

This is the first new-build AH-64D Apache Longbow purchased by the U.S. Army. The 501 AH-64Ds in the U.S. Army inventory were remanufactured AH-64A models delivered from 1997-2006 under two five-year, multi-year contracts. Boeing is currently contracted to deliver 45 new-build Apaches to the U.S. Army.

"Boeing, supported by world-class Team Apache suppliers, has again met the commitment to deliver on time and on budget as promised," said Al Winn, Boeing Apache Programs vice president. "The Apache Longbow helicopter is the warfighter’s weapon of choice."

Boeing expects to deliver the first of a new block of remanufactured AH-64Ds to the U.S. Army in October.

The AH-64D Apache Longbow features fully integrated avionics and weapons plus a state-of-the-art modem that transmits real-time, secure, digitized battlefield information to air and ground forces. The Apache Longbow has the ability to rapidly detect, classify, prioritize and engage stationary or moving enemy targets at standoff ranges in nearly all weather environments.


Source: Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
Picture provided and copyrighted by Boeing Photo
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