Skycontrol’s Newsletter April 16, 2008


Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,
Dear Aviation Professionals,


WWRM (WWII Families for the Return of the Missing) is a non-profit organization that assists in the confusing and often frustrating process of locating and repatriating the remains of the missing service personnel from WW II. Skycontrol has truly been touched by this cause and decided to make it its number one priority in this newsletter.

Indeed, there are throughout the world thousands of articles written about the famous « Warbirds » , these beautiful flying machines from another century, which still make people dream, and about their famous pilots whose courage and bravery made them legendary.
But what about these young pilots who ever went on mission and never came back to their home base? What about these families who are looking for answers regarding these soldiers still missing in action? There are still today thousands of families looking for information, crash sites, and burial sites of their loved ones. 

We kindly invite you to look at the call that Lisa Phillips, president of the WWRM, asked us to spread out among our readers.


Dear All,

As President of WWRM (WWII Families for the Return of the Missing) we are very grateful for the help that the Indian Government and the People of India are providing to help bring resolution to the families of our missing from WWII. We also wholeheartedly welcome the March 19 announcement by Rear Admiral Donna L. Crisp, the Commander of the US Defense Department’s Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) that JPAC will conduct on-site surveys of World War II crash sites in India beginning this year.

If there are others that know of crash sites in India could you please notify WWRM at [email protected], [email protected] or you can visit our website at

As a family member of a missing service member from the China, Burma, India (CBI) Theatre myself I know the heartache it brings to not have resolution. My uncle’s C-47 was lost on its way to Calcutta on 17 May 1946 from Rangoon, Burma. We are also looking for a crash site near Chabua, India that went down on 25 May 1944.  At that time a local herb gardener had visited the site and saw three bodies outside of the aircraft. The herb gardener took 3 ID bracelets and 5 guns from the site and gave these items to the authorities at the time. The US Government never made it back to the site. If anyone has information on that crash site I would like to share it with his spouse as she has waited over sixty years for any news of what may have happened to her husband. Thank you again for the efforts that you are making.


Lisa Phillips - President WWRM
(WWII Families for the Return of the Missing)

PO Box 804
Windham, ME  04062
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone:  (207) 939-2051


We hope that this message will retain your attention and that you will positively respond to this call for action from Mrs. Lisa Phillips.

Please feel free to take contact with this organization, which, 60 years after the facts, still struggle to bring answers to these thousands of families looking for information about their loved ones.

With kind regards,


Alain Thimmesch
Director & Publisher
E-mail: [email protected]


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