UAE GCAA extend their BEST Simulators

Bournemouth, UK: September 2008 The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of the United Arab Emirates has contracted Micro Nav to extend their BEST stimulator for their new ATC systems. The GCAA currently use a network of BEST workstations to stimulate their ATCSYS system in their Emergency Area Control Room (EACC) for a range of on-console operational training. The EACC will be replaced by a new Emergency Operations Room complete with new ATC equipment. The first phase of the programme sees the upgrading the existing BEST simulator and the introduction of the BEST simulated ATC audio communications. The interfaces cover radar, OLDI, AFTN and time synchronisation. The GCAA will use this system without interruption in parallel with the creation of the new facility to support system validation, transition training and basic training. The second phase of the program will include a new BEST radar system in the Emergency Operation Room currently under construction.

This simulator will interface with the ARTAS tracker provided by COMSOFT and the Raytheon AutoTrac III system. The interfaces will match exactly the real data feeds for radar, OLDI, AFTN, GRIB and time synchronisation. The GCAA have been using BEST since 2005 when they purchased it along with the accurate interfaces needed to deliver on-console training. It is used for multi-radar, multi-sector training as well as stand alone training when the added teaching facilities of BEST can be exploited. “We are very pleased to be expanding our successful partnership with the GCAA.

It is a big compliment and a vote of confidence to be invited to be part of the expansion plans of this forward thinking authority – especially for this key programme” said Mike Male, Micro Nav’s CEO. BEST is being widely used to stimulate operational equipment and radar control work stations for testing and evaluation tasks as well as training. It allows capacities to be proved, safety nets to be tested and controller facilities to be assessed using realistic traffic samples with accurate real-time behaviours. Micro Nav have developed a range of interfaces for radar data, flight plan, OLDI, AFTN, weather and other data streams.


Source: Micro Nav
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