Turkish Airlines Orders Mechtronix Ascent® XJ Trainer: First Airline to Order this Device to Conduct MCC Training in a Jet Environment

MONTREAL, July 16, 2008 –  Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI), the fastest growing and third leading provider of flight training equipment in the world, today announced the purchase by Turkish Airlines [THY] for the advanced flight trainer, the Ascent® XJ Trainer™.  THY plans to deploy this cost-effective commercial jet Multi Crew Cooperation platform at its ab-initio school by fall of 2008. The new simulator will serve the airline by familiarizing its students with the commercial jet flight deck, FMS, EFIS, performance and speed.  THY becomes the first airline in Europe to select the Ascent® XJ Trainer™.  In addition to providing a jet flight model, the device can later be upgraded to a generic turboprop providing extra flexibility.  The Ascent® XJ Trainer™ also offers exceptional Full Flight Simulator comparable visual system fidelity featuring a 180° Field of View.  The airline will be looking to obtain FNPT II MCC certification under JAR-STD 3A.

"We look at our purchase of the Ascent® XJ Trainer™ device as a smart investment for MCC training that will give our pilots a unique and early perspective in the training process on how to handle jet aircraft", said Baki Boztepe, Director of flying academy at THY.  "Our fleet consists of various aircrafts and we need efficient technology that can be used for MCC training in a jet environment meeting our goal by effectively integrating and developing the best pilots in the industry.  With the Ascent® device, we will have a truly economical and flexible machine serving our ab-initio needs while freeing up our other full motion simulators to perform the essential functions such as type rating and recurrent training.”

"We are very pleased to provide a world class airline in the region like THY with technology that is truly tailored to improve their pilot provisioning programs," said Mechtronix President Mr. Xavier Hervé.  "With this sale, Mechtronix continues to show that it is providing the best and most cost effective products to growing markets like Turkey and others around the world that value high quality pilot supply.  Our development of jet transition devices and its growing demand in the market demonstrate that we are a true leader in providing tools ideally suited to obtain a high level of proficiency for new pilots.”


Source: Mechtronix
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