SkyWest Adds Aerosim CRJ200/700 FMS Trainer and CRJ 200 Virtual Flight Deck TM

July 5, 2005…SkyWest Airlines has chosen the Aerosim Flight Management Systems Trainer (FMST) and Virtual Flight Deck™ (VFD™) for their CRJ pilot training program. In-plant acceptance of the trainer was completed on June 16, 2005. The VFD will be used by SkyWest instructors in the classroom to add an interactive element to their course content. Instructors will jump from standard presentation materials to the VFD to demonstrate concepts and procedures. Aerosim’s Snapshot feature allows instructors to start their demonstration at any point in the flight cycle, thereby eliminating the need to repeat prior steps in order to get to the desired point of demonstration.

With the Aerosim Flight Management System Trainer, SkyWest pilots will receive two days of FMS training in the airline’s Salt Lake City training facility computer lab. With computer lab capacity often maxed out, Sky West’s site license for the FMST will allow them to accommodate increasing numbers of users. In addition, SkyWest will move toward using the FMST for distance learning primarily targeted at brush-up training needs.

Aerosim’s PC-based FMST allows pilots to perform pre-flight and in-flight FMS, autopilot, EFIS and navigation procedures. It is designed to be used both in the classroom for instructor led training as well as outside the classroom for individual self-paced training. The VFD is a PC-Based based training device that allows students to view and manipulate all panels, controls, indicators and
displays within the flight deck using a single computer screen. The VFD allows real-time interaction with every aircraft system. Both the FMST and VFD allow users to operate in either a structured training or true free-play environment.


Source: Aerosim
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