Panamedia puts Elite Simulator to use

Conversion training for twin turbine aircraft is one of the key uses to which a new Elite Evolution S923 FNPT (Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer) II simulator is being put by the Panamedia Escuela de Pilotos in Mallorca.

The device also offers MCC (Multi Crew Co-operation) training. At Panamedia this is a course of 25 hours of ground training, of which 20 hours are on the new Elite simulator. The course lasts seven days, two of which are devoted to CRM (Crew Resource Management) training.

The whole course covers flying in a multi-crew cockpit, jet engine upgrades and preparing pilots for when airlines are hiring new staff. For flight deck positions airlines usually demand both CRM and MCC endorsements on the logbooks of incoming recruits.

The Elite S923 supplied to Panamedia is configured to represent a Beech Super King Air 200 twin turbine aircraft. After full approval by the Spanish CAA it is now in use at the flying school’s base at the Aérodromo Son Bonet, north of the Mallorcan capital, Palma.

Panamedia is a fully JAA-approved flying school offering courses including the PPL, CPL/IR, ATPL, FI and IRI.

Manuel Parejo, Director General of Panamedia, said: “All of our instructors are airline flight instructors with TRI or TRE on Airbus, Boeing and Douglas aircraft. The most common question from students is ‘Is it better to have the MCC training on a device configured to represent a jet aircraft?’

“Not at all, because the course prepares pilots to work in a multi-crew cockpit, not to get a specific type rating. We are very pleased indeed with our new Elite FNPT II. It gives us a broader dimension in our ground training.”

For further information, please visit: http://www.flyelite.ch

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