Mechtronix Unveils First A320 FFS X For IFTC & TACA Airlines: Mechtronix Next Generation Full Motion Simulation Technology for A320 is displayed at launch ceremony in Montreal

MONTREAL, June 13, 2008 - Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI), the fastest growing leading provider of flight training equipment in the world, today officially announced the unveiling of a new generation A320 FFS X™.  The unit was available for trial by customers, the aviation community and the press during the June 11th ceremony.  The high fidelity A320 FFS X™ is the second of several built from Mechtronix for IFTC, the training arm of Gözen Group, TACA airlines and soon to be divulged customers.  Mechtronix event marks the first official deployment of a true replication technology for an A320 training device after years of collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer and related OEM’s. The new design approach is derived from Mechtronix’ extensive conversion of Airbus data and the exclusive use of OEM software to reproduce a flexible world class A320 training environment that replaces standard designs that have always relied on traditionally expensive avionics hardware platforms.  The A320 FFS X™ training device will now be maintained by training centers and airlines like IFTC and TACA using a more cost-effective software generated environment with the highest of reliability.  It will enable growing airlines like these to lower pilot training costs, keep pilots on the line and “train@home™”, thus increasing safety by providing more time for them to conduct recurrent and continuous training.

As of the unveiling event, IFTC has already achieved a successful In Plant Acceptance (IPA) on its Mechtronix A320 FFS X™ and is being installed at its Istanbul facility for a JAA Level D qualification.  "We look at our acceptance and the unveiling of the Mechtronix A320 FFS X™ technology as the culmination of a successful collaboration with Mechtronix that uniquely registered our prospective needs to provide us with world class flight simulation for our new facilities and business model”, said Mekin Gözen, President & CEO of the IFTC. “We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be one of the leaders in the development and deployment of this ground breaking technology.”

TACA’s A320 FFS X™ is currently undergoing IPA and will be installed at its El Salvador facility in the autumn, for Level D qualification from the FAA.  “We see the pending deployment of the Mechtronix A320 FFS X™ technology at our home facility as a direct investment effort towards our flight crews’ training and expertise, being able to conveniently keep our training at our base of operations. The availability of this world class simulation presents a distinct competitive advantage for the airline”, said Roberto Kriete, TACA’s Chairman and CEO.  “Working with Mechtronix in the development process also as a partner has been rewarding and we look forward to our joint efforts paying off with the approval and deployment of the unit in TACA’s new training center in El Salvador.”

"We are very pleased to finally unveil the latest technology in the A320 simulation market and appreciate the collaborative support we have received from the OEM, our customers and the other people who supported this initiative”, said Mechtronix President Xavier Hervé. "With these Airbus sales and new collaborations, Mechtronix continues to show its leadership not only in design, but in working closely with OEMs and clients to recognize their unique needs in a dynamic world market that demands excellence.  It is a true credit to our employees from top to bottom that we can finally introduce the next generation of technology in the Airbus market and expand our growing global share of the market place even more.”


Source: Mechtronix
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