Mechtronix Systems winner of the Canadian Innovation Award for new product design and commercialization

Their new business model which features their trademarked product the FFS X™ Non Zero Flight Time™ (NZFT™) receives outstanding innovative recognition. FFS X™ Non Zero Flight Time™ Flight Simulator Designed for Commercial Aircraft Likelike the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320 Earns Top Honors Again. CME (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)), a Canadian trade and industry association, has selected Mechtronix Systems a fast growing provider of flight training equipment worldwide based in Montreal, Canada as the winner of its Innovation Award for New Product Design and Commercialization. 

The announcement was made at the group’s October gala award event in Calgary and applies to celebrated Canada’s best innovation excellence at a gala event held on October 3rdyesterday in Calgary, Alberta.  Mechtronix Systems, a fast growing provider of flight training equipment worldwide, has announced that they have won the Canadian Innovation award forMechtronix’ for its  successful development of  their Non Zero Flight Time™ (NZFT™) Full in the category of best new product design and commercialization. Flight Simulator which is now being deployed worldwide by growing second tier airlines to train their pilots in house at great savings. The award represents the fifth similar honor that the company has received within the last two years for its innovations in product development.

The Canadian Innovation Awards were put in place to recognize success and highlight best practices as a means to encourage more innovation and improve the competitiveness of Canadian Industry.  These awards attract more than 400 Canadian senior executives’ business leaders.

Mechtronix developed the breakthrough concept of the FFS X™ NZFT™, which enables pilots to perform 100% of their recurrent training and 80% of their initial training and 100% of their recurrent training.  This pioneer concept was able to offer smaller airlines to bring recurrent training in house meaning the pilot training market a high quality full flight simulator which enables savings in millions of dollars due to the impressive design and conceptdrastic reductions in expenses associated to sending the crews to traditional training hubs.  The NZFT™ is designed to meet specific needs for regional airlines and training organizations servicing them.

“We are honored to have received such an acknowledgment from a Canadian association which identifies annually the best practices within Canadian manufacturers & exporters,” said Xavier Hervé, Mechtronix’ president.  “ On behalf of all our employees, we thank CME for rewarding all our efforts put into the designing and commercialization of our products”. , commented Mechtronix president Xavier Hervé.

In addition to the CME Award, Mechtronix has also won other top honors for its technology since 2005 which include:The CE award is the ….

  • Innovation award at the Mercuriades competition (2006)
  • National Bank of Canada Export Award (2005)
  • Alpha Contest, organized by the chamber of commerce & industry of St-Laurent (Quebec) (2005)
  • Innovation award at l’l’Association Dde la Recherche Industrielle du Québec (ADRIQ) (2005)


Source: Mechtronix
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