Malaysian Flying Academy orders two Mechtronix Ascent Flight Trainers: Growing Academy Will Use Flexible Technology for Ab Initio Curriculum

APATS BANGKOK, September 16, 2008 — Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI), the fastest growing and third leading provider of flight training equipment in the world, today announced the purchase by the Malaysian Flying Academy of two Ascent® Flight Trainer™ configured as a multi-engine piston Seneca III with a conversion kit for Piper Warrior for its new flight training facility based in Malacca, Malaysia.  The academy plans to use the FTDs to provide ab initio training and increase its Instrument Rating training capacity as the school expands to meet the growing needs of the region. The new FTDs will also lower costs by reducing training time spent on their aircrafts.  

Both Ascent® Flight Trainers will feature a 180 x 40 degree visual system that will provide its users with exceptional fidelity. Its semi-enclosed IOS area provides for easy interaction between instructor and student.  The unit provides a lesson plan editor for scenario based training.  The training academy plans to deploy the units in 2009 while seeking qualification with the DCA under JAR FSTD A FNPT II. 

“We look forward to taking delivery of the Mechtronix simulators and see this key purchase as a way to provide both our students and instructors with a reliable source for state-of-the-art IR and ab initio training”, said Managing Director Mrs. Sharifah Zarah Al-Bukhary of Malaysian Flight Academy.  “We did a very careful evaluation of Mechtronix technology and found that it met our criterion based on affordability, performance and reliability. The fact that its cockpits were very realistic and comparable to the actual flight environment was also an important factor as we are trying to reduce complete reliance on actual flying time without compromising the training experience needed.”

“We greatly appreciate the academy’s investment in the Ascent® Flight Trainers and we are pleased that they chose Mechtronix to help them expand and serve the surging Asia Pacific market”, said Mechtronix’ President Xavier Hervé.  “We see this sale as another affirmation of our continuing success in this region and the world market that rewards excellence in technology that is reliable, affordable and easy to maintain.”


Source: Mechtronix
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