Flight Training Europe orders Mechtronix 737-800 full Flight Trainer X: Spanish Based Commercial Flying School Will Be First to Use Advanced FFT X™ Device for Pilot Provisioning and MPL Program

MONTREAL, March 4, 2008 – Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI), the fastest growing and third leading provider of flight training equipment in the world, today announced the purchase by Flight Training Europe of its advanced full flight trainer, the FFT X™ configured as a B737-800. The device will be looking to obtain certification by the UK CAA both under JAR-STD 2A and 3A.  With the introduction of this technology, Flight Training Europe plans to emerge as an early innovator in the race of Flight Training Organizations seeking to provide European airlines with better pilot provisioning solutions in a world hit by pilot shortages and looking to Multi-crew Pilot Licensing as a solution. 

With the deployment of this special unit in 2008, Flight Training Europe will become the first pilot training school in Europe to use the FFT X™ machine to help train its future pilots for Multi-crew Pilot Licensing as an FSTD 3.  The new trainer’s high fidelity will enable pilots in training to achieve the performance based outcome linked to the intermediate phase of MPL.  The high fidelity trainer, reflecting the same FFS quality and fidelity, features a seat-actuation system that provides motion - cueing as well as a collimated visual system.  It is built in such a way that it can be upgraded to an FFS X™.  With the introduction of this technology, Flight Training Europe further strengthens its leadership within the European Flight Training Organization community with a high end product that enables the FTO to supply pilots trained in a high fidelity commercial modern flight deck environment.

“We look at our purchase of the high end FFT X™ device as a solid investment that will pay dividends for our students and generations of pilots to come”, said Mr. Peter Sadler, Managing Director at Flight Training Europe.  “We have not only purchased the most sophisticated device of its nature for any FTO in Europe, but one that will provide exceptional fidelity, economy and flexibility but ready to enhance all forms of pilot provisioning and MPL.  The Mechtronix FFT X™ now places us on the fast track to becoming the leading provider of high quality ab initio graduates able to transition directly to type rating with the airlines of Europe and beyond.”

“We are very pleased to provide an innovative leader like Flight Training Europe with the latest simulation technology,” said Mechtronix President Mr. Xavier Hervé. “This new collaboration not only continues to further establish Mechtronix as a technology provider to the top flight training schools in Europe, but one that will be providing a new generation of pilots in training with the next generation of technology which will rely on pilot provisioning and MPL.” 

Source: Mechtronix
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