ELITE Simulation: Salford University operating first elite dual control system in the UK

The first Elite Simulation Solutions flight simulator to be installed in the UK fitted with a dual control system is now being used to train pilots at the University of Salford. The Elite Evolution S812 flight simulator is a FNPT II configured to replicate the Piper Seneca III twin piston aircraft built to be operated by a two-person crew. The S812 also has special features built in so that, at some time in the future, it can be upgraded on site to represent a Beech King Air B200 twin turbine aircraft with full MCC (Multi Crew Co-operation).

The S812 is installed at the School of Computing, Science and Engineering at the university, which is based on the western side of Manchester, and has been fully certified by the UK CAA, with no restrictions.

The senior lecturer at the School, Peter Bradbury, said: “We are using the S812 for a number of tasks, teaching undergraduates in areas such as CRM (Crew Resource Management), forced landings, runway incursions and route planning. We chose the S812 because it was the best available system to meet our requirements and it also came at a very attractive price.

“It has already proved its worth and when we are not using it, the S812 is being hired out to local flying schools, which not only helps them with their pilot training but makes for a very efficient use of a good training resource.”


Source: ELITE Simulation Solutions (Europe)
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