CAE becomes Bombardier’s Authorized Training Provider for Global family and Challenger 300 aircraft

LE BOURGET, Paris, June 20 /CNW Telbec/ - CAE and Bombardier Aerospace signed today a 20-year agreement under which CAE will become Bombardier’s Authorized Training Provider for the Bombardier Global Express aircraft, Global 5000 aircraft, Global Express XRS aircraft and for the Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft. The two aerospace leaders will collaborate to provide state-of-the-art training programs for pilots and maintenance crew that will include Bombardier’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) courseware and will incorporate the latest simulation-based training methodologies, such as CAE Simfinity(R) tools. These programs will be delivered by both CAE and Bombardier to customers worldwide.

CAE will purchase a Bombardier-owned Global Express aircraft full-flight simulator (FFS) currently installed in Montreal. CAE will deploy this FFS and deliver the training program for the aircraft in its United Kingdom training centre at Burgess Hill, near London. CAE will also build a new Challenger 300 aircraft FFS and deploy it to a location to be confirmed at a later date. Bombardier will continue to operate one Challenger 300 aircraft FFS in Dallas, Texas and a Global Express aircraft FFS in Montreal, Canada. The two companies will work together to provide standardized training for aircraft operators worldwide.
"This decision is excellent news for our operators," said Gary Scott, President, Bombardier Aircraft Services and New Commercial Aircraft Program. "High quality training will be available from both CAE and Bombardier with a much broader geographic footprint, giving the customer a complete choice of where to train."
According to Jeff Roberts, CAE’s Group President, Innovation and Civil Training & Services, "Our goal is to move our training closer to our markets. With more and more Bombardier aircraft operating outside North America, offering training in Europe just makes sense. As we go forward, CAE will increase the number of training assets deployed in line with aircraft deliveries."
Under this agreement, CAE will deliver full training for both pilots and maintenance crew - a key move for CAE in growing the maintenance business that completes its total training delivery capability.


Source: CAE
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