World Airports 2: Discover this wonderful Expansion
for Flight Simulator 2004/2002

11 True To Life International Airports To Enhance Your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

The SimFlyers development team are rightly acknowledged as experts when it comes to airport scenery and their latest outstanding collection brings together 11 terrific airports from Europe and North America for Flight Simulator 2004/2002.

Each airport has been carefully modeled after thousands of hours of research and development. Unique dynamic systems and a multitude of static objects bring each of the airports to life with a wealth of detail.


London Luton - New York JFK - Toronto - Frankfurt - Chicago O’Hare - Washington Dulles - Las Vegas - Houston Intercontinental - Dallas Fort Worth – Rome - Manchester.

Product features

  • Realistic buildings and objects with full texturing
  • Active docking system at each terminal gate
  • Active jetways at each gate that dock exactly to the user aircraft’s forward door.
  • Numerous static aircraft and static and dynamic vehicles, objects, cars, buses, service vehicles - everything is lit at night.
  • Runways and taxiways including all markings and signs, with realistic lighting
  • Ground servicing Armada vehicles at each terminal gate. All these vehicles are set up individually according to the user’s aircraft type.
  • Working de-icing facilities at some of the airports
  • AFCAD AI traffic adjustments for FS 2002 and FS 2004 with realistic airline parking assignments for FS 2004
  • Watch all the action from the unique Follow-Me car.


Source: PC Aviator

Pictures provided & copyrighted by PC Aviator
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