Track real-time flights over the United States
with AirNav Systems Flight Tracker

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Ever wondered what it would be like to zoom in on the entire country’s aviation system and see EVERY aircraft in the sky and then zoom in on that aircraft and track it mile by mile all the way to it’s destination?

Well now you can do that and more with AirNav Systems’ Live Flight Tracker!

Who would ever think that it would be so addictive to track flights…. well… it is! With AirNav Live Flight Tracker - you get a LIVE datafeed from the FAA’s Air Traffic Servers (updated every 60 seconds) and you can see the entire aviation systems for the USA and Canada - live! See up to 6000+ aircraft in the sky. Zoom right in on any one aircraft or airport or do a whole lot more!

Using the powerful search feature you can filter the skies right down to display only aircraft from a particular airline or even aircraft type. How many Cessna 172’s are in the sky on filed flight plans right now? Well you’ll be able to see that with Flight Tracker. You can then zoom right in, see any aircraft’s planned flight plan and track it - minute by minute - mile by mile - right through to its destination.

The birds-eye-view of the entire system lets you even zoom right into a busy airport such as Atlanta International - watch in amazement as often up to 250 aircraft are approaching and departing the airport - what as ATC’ers vector the aircraft in and line them up for a landing and departure every minutes. Filter all aircraft arriving at that airport across the entire country – you’ll see that there is method to the “apparent” madness of the 6000+ planes in the sky – as the highways in the sky become clearly apparent.

Or get up at 4am and watch the Fedex exodus from Memphis International as around 200 feighters depart the airport carrying the country’s express air freight. Move North-East a few hundred miles and watch the same as the UPS’s version of the exodus occurs at Kentucky’s Lousiville International.

Yes flight tracking or flight watching is fun and addictive and a whole new hobby unto itself. Anyone with a love of aviation will find it fascinating as the tools that give you a bird-eye-view of the entire countries aviation system are so readily available for around 30 cents per day.


Live Flight Tracker Features:

  • Real-time graphical flight tracker of airline and general aviation flights
  • All USA and Canada flights tracked (other regions included)
  • View photos of tracked aircraft
  • Link to FAA’s Aircraft Registration Database
  • Renewed graphics and interface
  • Live Airport Information
  • Only application on the market with Multi-Window flight tracking
  • The cheapest and most transparent price on the market
  • Information on planned and landed traffic
  • All times in Local and UTC formats
  • Blocked flights shown
  • Airport inbound and outbound flights in different colors
  • Just an Internet connection needed
  • Absolutely no restrictions on airports and flights tracked


Source: PC Aviator
Pictures provided & copyrighted by PC Aviator

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