The RAF’s potent ground attacker keeps the peace in FSX, FS2004, FS2002 and goes to war in Combat Flight Simulator 3.

Virtual aviation enthusiasts can now join the modern-day boys in blue, open the taps and move the mud at Mach 2.2! The real Tornado was developed by perfectionists and this unique simulation is no different; it’s officially licensed by the Royal Air Force and depicts aircraft from No. II(AC) Sqn, IX(B) Sqn, XIII Sqn, 14 SQn and 617 Sqn. The Panavia Tornado, a multi-role combat aircraft like no other, was the product of a unique European collaboration. Similarly, its virtual counterpart is a joint venture between celebrated developers Lago, Just Flight and the Royal Air Force. The result is a brilliantly detailed aircraft for FSX/FS2004/FS2002 and, as a bonus, there’s a simplified version for Combat Flight Simulator 3. The 16 FSX/FS2004/2002 liveries include RAF, Luftwaffe, Italian and Royal Saudi Air Force colours.

Take the Tornado up in Flight Simulator 2002/2004 from one of three custom airfields to try out the terrain-hugging radar, use the ground proximity warning system, or test your flying skills behind the VC-10 and KC-10 with the in-flight refuelling feature – a first for Flight Simulator! (Please note: The scenery and refuelling feature are not included for Flight Simulator X and CFS3.)

Realistic FSX/FS2004/FS2002 animations include cockpit canopy, pilots’ heads, control surfaces, thrust reverser, refuelling probe and even the Tornado’s famous swing-wing system. The front cockpit comes with a high-detail 2D panel incorporating moving map and rear view mirrors.

The highly detailed HUD for FS2002 includes heading switches, radar altimeter, bank angle, velocity vector, heading and vertical rate indicators.

In Combat Flight Simulator 3 the Tornado becomes a fearsome war machine clothed in three authentic liveries. Custom damage model and activated CFS3 weapons means you can take on the enemy and hit him where it hurts!


  • Cockpit canopy (including locking lever inside cockpit)
  • Pilots (heads move in the direction of flight and remove masks when canopy is opened)
  • Control surfaces - airbrakes, flaps, spoilers, rudders, ailerons
  • Thrust reverser, intake suction relief doors, refuelling probe and wing sweep, afterburner, vortices
  • Wheels rotate, front wheel steers, taxi light follows wheel


  • High-detail 2D front cockpit including animated moving map, rear view mirrors
  • High-detail front Virtual Cockpit with all working instruments

FSX/FS2004/2002 liveries              

  • IDS RAF Desert Storm
  • IDS RAF Desert Storm (MiG Eater ZA447)
  • IDS Italian standard livery
  • IDS Italian Tiger Meet livery
  • IDS German Luftwaffe
  • IDS German Marine
  • (Recce) German Tiger Meet
  • IDS Saudi Arabian Air Force standard camouflage
  • IDS German Navy/Marineflieger, MFG-2, colours of August 2002
  • GR1A 13 Sqn RAF
  • GR1A. 2 Sqn RAF. ZA401/R as it appeared during Exercise Strong Resolve ‘95
  • GR4 14 Sqn RAF
  • GR4. 617 Dam Busters Sqn
  • GR4. 9 Sqn RAF Standard liver
  • GR4. 9  (IXB) Sqn RAF Marham Operation Telic (Iraq 2003) livery Jan 2003.
  • GR4A. 2 Sqn RAF in the standard Dark Sea Grey/Camouflage Grey colour scheme

CFS3 liveries

  • Royal Air Force
  • Aeronautica Militare Italiana
  • Luftwaffe Marine

Also included is a complete PhotoShop file to allow user repaints

New Scenery (FS2004 and FS2002 only)

  • RAF Marham
  • RAF Lossiemouth
  • Luftwaffe base Norvenich


Aircraft systems

  • Innovative terrain-following radar system that keeps the aircraft flying at a set altitude above the ground
  • High-detail HUD (Head-Up Display) that includes switches for true or magnetic heading, true airspeed or indicated airspeed and brightness. HUD includes Radar Altimeter, Bank Angle, Velocity Vector, Heading Rate and Vertical Rate
  • Working GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)
  • Animated threat display
  • Animated Moving Map
  • Automated or manual flap/wing sweep system

Advanced in-flight refuelling module (FS2004 and FS2002 only)

  • Includes three sets of sound for Italian, English or German pilots (automatically selected)
  • Radar guidance to tanker
  • Complete procedure is guided by sound files and text messages, based on available NATO documents - highly realistic!
  • Includes AI KC-10 and VC-10 tanker
  • Boom system and hose/drogue system available (Tornado uses hose/drogue system)
  • Can refuel ANY aircraft in-flight
  • Configuration file editable to increase or decrease realism

New AI refuelling aircraft

  • KC-10 USAF
  • VC-10 RAF

CFS3 version
In CFS3 the aircraft has a full weapons and damage model and is fully capable of using any weapon that is supported in CFS3 (i.e. no guided weapons). Can dogfight other owners of the Tornado. In-flight refuelling is not available in CFS3. No airfield sceneries are included in the CFS3 version.


Source: Just Flight
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