The F-16 Fighting Falcon brings its incredible speed and legendary manoeuverability to FS2002/FS2004 and CFS3.

There are eight separate 2D panels, which can be switched at a keystroke or through clickable icons, to provide a totally immersive and realistic cockpit environment. Veterans will find every switch and button modelled and with the included HUD, MFD and air radar you can even practice home-defence intercepts of wayward airliners in FS2004! Fly the F-16 in a fantastic selection of liveries - 65 for FS2004, 29 for FS2002 and three bonus liveries for CFS3 aircraft. A wide variety of the World’s air forces are represented and you’ll even find the celebrated Tiger Meet liveries - they’re grrreat!

Get passionate about power! The F-16 Fighting Falcon boasts a top speed of over 1,500mph, a climb rate of up to 50,000ft per minute and a range of over 2,000 miles. Its revered by the pilots who fly it and feared by those who dare to oppose it in the air.

Now you can put this amazing fighter through its paces in FS2002/FS2004 or take on the enemy in the bonus version for CFS3. The animations and attention to detail are truly breathtaking, from pilots that can take off their helmets to nose-wheel lights that follow the direction you are steering. A state-of-the-art fighter demands a state-of-the-art sim, and this is it!

The smooth-scrolling 3D virtual cockpit is a joy to behold and essential if you are contemplating using the in-flight refueling. Beware though - lining up with a VC-10 or KC-10 tanker is not as easy as the pro’s make it look and you’ll need all your skills to load up with fuel in FS2002/FS2004.


  • Cockpit canopy - including locking lever inside cockpit
  • Pilot’s head moves in the direction of flight. He even removes his mask when canopy is opened and opens his visor on command!
  • Control surfaces - air brakes, flaps, spoilers, rudders and ailerons
  • Afterburner and vortices
  • Rotating wheels, steerable front wheel with a taxi light that follows the direction of the wheel


  • High-detail 2D cockpit including eight full-screen instrument panels
  • High-detail Virtual Cockpit with all working instruments


  • High-detail HUD (Head-Up Display) that includes switches for true or magnetic heading, true airspeed or indicated airspeed and brightness. HUD includes switchable Radar/Barometric Altimeter, Bank Angle, Velocity Vector, Heading Rate and Vertical Rate and steering point to next waypoint on flight plan. When needed the HUD will switch to ILS mode showing steering vectors
  • Working ground proximity warning system (the ‘Bitching Betty’ as F-16 pilots often call it!)
  • Animated threat display
  • Complex and realistic Integrated Control Panel and Data Entry Display (i.e. frequencies are not set by clicking on the numbers but by typing the frequency in a scratch pad area)
  • Other systems such as Cabin Pressure, NWS Indexer, Fuel Flow, Emergency Power Unit and Radar are all simulated
  • Realistic Auto Flaps system
  • Automatic/manual Pitch control system
  • In-cockpit checklist system with pages of information
  • Innovative panel switching system

Design methods

  • Fully designed in 3D Studio for optimal compatibility and excellent frame rates
  • Aircraft fully compatible with FS2004, FS2002 and CFS3 (but note that additional features such as re-fueling are NOT supported by CFS3)
  • Includes simplified LOD (level of Detail) models for use as AI aircraft

Advanced in-flight refuelling module (FS2004/2002 only)

  • Radar guidance to tanker. The complete procedure is guided by sound files and text messages, based on available NATO documents. It’s highly realistic and incredibly challenging!
  • Includes KC-10/VC-10 tanker with F-16 fighter escort in formation
  • Boom system and hose/drogue system available (F-16 uses boom system)
  • Can be used to refuel ANY aircraft in flight as long as it is able to match the refuelling speed and altitude of the tanker aircraft
  • Configuration file editable to increase or decrease realism.

Combat Flight Simulator 3 Notes
In CFS3 the aircraft has a full weapons and damage model and is capable of using any weapon that is supported in CFS3 (i.e. no guided weapons, as CFS3 does not support them). You can dogfight other owners of the Just Flight RAF Tornado or FS Falcon. The CFS3 installation has three liveries.

All four major versions of the F-16 are modelled - A (MLU), B (MLU), C and D.


Source: Just Flight
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