SkyTalkTeam presents: RealATIS is real ATIS for MSFS airports

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 has the standard ATIS that is far from the reality – its “laconic” text just cannot satisfy experienced pilots. The main imperfections of standard ATIS are: short distance range, which prevents calculation of approach parameters in advance, absence of ATIS in most of sim airports where it exists in reality, fixed and scrimpy standard message where ATIS is provided. Using the RealATIS will drive all these problems away!

skyTalk Team presents the flexible tool for planning flights, which allow the virtual pilot to get the variety of useful information about the weather conditions in the selected airports or in whole sectors and aerial zones. RealATIS can be used for complex meteorological condition evaluation, altimeter pre-set and handy wind speed and direction evaluation not only on the ground but also on the height specified by user.

RealATIS consists of (an invisible) gauge control, which is installed on the airplane panel, and the configuration tool, which controls RealATIS in-flight behavior. Using this utility during the flight planning you can:

  • add/remove the gauge to the preferred airplanes
  • activate RealATIS in the selected airports (up to 70)
  • choose the unit measurement system
  • customize RealATIS messages
  • select language and voice for the broadcasting
  • test sample RealATIS messages

RealATIS can be installed on any airplane and activated in any airport, which has ICAO code.

Using RealATIS you get:

  • real ATIS information even where default ATIS is absent
  • ATIS reception on real distances or in the specified ranges (up to infinity)
  • selection from several languages and voices
  • ATIS broadcasting in three standards
       o International – ATIS message conforms to ICAO recommendations
       o ex-USSR – ATIS message conforms to standards of Russian Federation and some CIS countries
       o Custom – you can construct the ATIS message from a variety of available options
  • selection of measurement units – feet or meters, miles, knots or kilometers, hectopascals or mercury millimeters or inches, Fahrenheit or Centigrade degrees

The following information is added or extended by RealATIS:

  • braking action, depending on the weather conditions
  • visibility
  • clouds cover type and height
  • precipitation
  • temperature and dew-point
  • ground wind information
  • wind direction and speed at the pre-selected height
  • QFE and/or QNH altimeter
  • transition level
  • caution of birds on vicinity of airport
  • and finally, NOTAM – any information, which you consider to be valuable for the selected airport


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