Simmmarket presents: Zinertek - Ultimate water FX … Breathe life into your Flight Simulator! Ultimate Water FX will take the realism in FS2004 to a whole new level!

With this new product all bodies of water including rivers, lakes, seas and oceans come to life like never seen before. In fact, these are the most realistic water effects ever created for FS2004. With the new water effects you can expect to see incredible and advanced water effects which dramatically improve the realism when flying over water. The water effects change in accordance to the time of day and the weather during all phases of the day. You will be able to install three different types of water effects. You can choose between realistic, photorealistic, or *reflective water effects. Choose whichever suits your taste! Either way, water in FS2004 will come to life before your eyes!

Best of all, frame rate friendly! That’s right, these water effects have been designed with performance in mind to give you the best possible quality and the best performance. All you need to run these water effects is a Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 compliant video card. In fact, chances are that you already have one installed in your PC so you are already set! Aside from that, there are no additional requirements in order to run these water effects at max detail.


  • Oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas come to life in FS2004 like never before!
  • Three stunning water effects to choose from.
  • Two whole sets of water textures. That’s 120 new water textures in total!
  • The most advanced water effects ever created for FS2004.
  • Water effects change depending on weather and time of day.
  • Breathtaking water effects for day time, sunrise, sunset, and night time.
  • Incredible water detail when flying upclose.
  • Frame rate friendly!

*Please note that FS9’s graphics engine is not capable of displaying real time water effects. The reason we call one of the three water effects "reflective" is because it has more shine and transparency than the other two effects. Thus, it looks reflective.

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